Nintendo Direct Brings 9 New and Exciting Titles To The Console

Nintendo Direct 2.13.2019
Nintendo Direct 2.13.2019
(Photo: YouTube/Nintendo)

Nintendo has had a great year in 2018. The company has been rumored to work on a new Switch console for 2019. In this high-time of speculations, Nintendo came up with its new advancements for this season. The company just revealed this year's first surprise Direct stream with spectacular titles lined up for 2019. Nintendo's Direct trailer opened up with Fire Emblem: Three Houses for Switch console.

According to Cnet, the company had earlier promised that it will release the first teaser or trailer of its Direct Stream in February with a huge boom. It seemed that Nintendo is sticking to its promise and made the official announcement of at least nine upcoming titles. Perhaps, the most awaited ones among these are the second edition of Super Mario Maker and Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Also, there has been the announcement of a remake of the legend of Zelda which is regarded as an iconic title made by Nintendo. 

As per a new report by The Verge, Dragon Quest XI, which made its debut in the last year with PS4 and PC platforms, is now going to make its way in Nintendo Switch. The game will have superlative graphics as experienced in PS4. As per the insights coming from Nintendo authorities, there will be no compromise in terms of the title's graphics when played on Switch console. 

Besides these, Square Enix's popular retro-focused studio Tokyo RPG Factory will return to Switch with its third edition. Potential sources suggested that the next advancement of the title will ask the players to "travel beyond the veil of death and rescue lost souls from a terrible fate." It'll be out this summer. Super Smash Bros. will also have special gifts for its fans. The title will be updated to its Version 3.0 with a number of new improvements in terms of its action as well as its characters. 

The famous 3D title 'Box Boy' with its female counterpart 'Box Girl' will be making its debut to Switch this year, as well. The game will now have more than 200 levels with an additional capacity of co-op gaming (as the Box Girl). The title will reportedly make its way on Switch console beginning from April 26. Tetris also launching on Switch this year. Tetris 99 will make its way on the console and it will be Battle Royale as 99 players will be able to compete against each other. All these and more are lined up for Nintendo Switch this year.

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