LG G8 ThinQ Features An Amazing OLED Screen For Its Vibrating Audio

Bringing new perspectives to #CES2019 with the 5-camera
Bringing new perspectives to #CES2019 with the 5-camera (Photo: Instagram/lgusamobile)

LG G8 unveils another part of its LG G8 ThinQ tease quest as they unfold the special feature they added up to the device's audio function.

The Verge hints that LG revealed through the news today about the LG G8 ThinQ coming with an amazing innovation on its audio function. The latest G series release will be the first series not to use an LCD and will feature the Crystal Sound OLED (CSO).

With CSO, the LG G8 ThinQ's OLED display will be utilized as an audio amplifier. This makes the flagship device produce a much higher sound quality and an ultimate user experience than any other smartphones.

Once set in speakerphone mode, the LG G8 ThinQ is capable of producing a bassy sound through the bottom facing speaker. This is a technology internally done by LG to make the phone's display act as a diaphragm to produce sounds out of the vibrations coming from the surface of the phone.

CSO provides the LG G8 ThinQ with full-bodied stereo performance with two-channel audio at a stereo sound, the top of the screen and the bottom facing speaker. This feature makes the melody and notes more noticeable thereby appreciated and the voices easier to discern.

LG G8 ThinQ is one of the few devices as of the moment that is able to generate volume and bass by turning the phone's internal space into a chamber through the Boombox Speaker. In the absence of an unlimited data plan, LG's latest on G series can support high-quality audio streaming because it is Master Quality Authenticated (MQA).

LG G8 ThinQ can emulate a 7.1-channel system with or without earphones because of its DTS:X 3D Surround Sound. Increased quality and depth is another feature to look forward to as this flagship phone is expected to come with a Hi-Fi Quad DAC able to reproduce sound at exceptional fidelity.

LG originally used the LG G8 ThinQ Crystal Sound OLED technology on their line-up of TV release in the past. Bravia TV which was released in 2017 was the first batch to adapt to the said technology.

The LG G8 ThinQ Crystal Sound OLED technology generates sound by literally vibrating the screen back and forth. This was a breakthrough for the Japanese technology back then and was featured in Consumer Electronic Show of 2017.

The LG G8 ThinQ is expected to be introduced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Visitors are encouraged to drop by the LG booth from Feb 25-28 for more details on LG's latest innovation, according to the LG News Room.

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