Are There A Lot Of Babies To Be Conceived This Valentine's Season?

Happy Valentines Day
Happy Valentines Day (Photo: Intelligent Abodes/ Twitter)

It's Valentine's Day-a time where people celebrate their feelings towards the people they love.

Not just in China, but people from all around the world are celebrating this event with thousands of roses, chocolates, cakes, teddy bears, letters and other sweet things. But aside from these things, there is also but one thing that most people can't help but think of during this time of the year-babies.

Chris Wilson of the online publication Time is one of those people who became curious about how many children that will be conceived this season.

After doing his own personal research about the matter, he found out that about 10,408 children will be conceived in the U.S. alone this Valentines' day, which according to him are based not by imagination and estimation alone but by specific facts.

How did he come up with this estimate? According to him, Wilson came up with the digits based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's birth rate of about 3,855,500 births in 2017 alone. To compute the average, that's about 10,000 births per day.

"For each week in this span [the gestation period of 238 to 300 days], I multiplied the percentage of births attributable to a Feb. 14 conception, based on the CDC's gestation data, by the number of children born that week," explained Wilson.

A study gathered by England's National Health Service conducted in 2015 also shows that babies conceived during Valentine's are about 6% higher as compared to other days. Furthermore, after the celebration, the rates would then hit rock-bottom.

But though this rate is higher, experts behind the study further claims that the conception rate during Valentine's is still not as high as it is during the Christmas week. This basically explains the reason why September has the most numbers of pregnant women giving birth to babies every year.

Meanwhile, an online reproductive health expert named Mother claims how "the most popular days of the week for baby making" are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, this year's Valentine's Day falls on Thursday, which could surely affect the rate of conceiving babies negatively.

"Love is most definitely in the air at this time of year," Sarah-Jane Marsh, Chair of the Maternity Transformation Programme at NHS England, shares. "It is fantastic to learn that the NHS sees a mini-baby boom nine months later, bringing with it great joy to families across the nation," she added.

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