Apex Legends To Beat Fortnite In Popularity? Gamers Say It Is Possible

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It looks like "Fortnite" is not that much of a threat as Electronic Arts Inc. game "Apex Legend" is gaining a lot of gamers and viewers in the online battle arena. The battle royale-type of a game has achieved a lot of feats including a high number of concurrent players and multimillion downloads in its first week.

In an article published BBC, "Apex Legends" has had over two million concurrent players already. The free game was also downloaded already for 25 million times.

It is said that "Apex Legends" is taking the gaming world by the storm just like how "Fortnite" did it. Considering the factors of release date, however, gamers noticed that "Apex Legends" has a fast growth for a new game.

Currently, "Fortnite" has over 200 million players while "Apex Legends" had 10 million gamers for the first two weeks. However, "Apex Legends" has been consistently the top game in streaming game site Twitch.

"Apex Legends" temporarily lost its top spot to "Fortnite" but the former took the crown again quickly. This performance has been thrilling investors because of its "meteoric launch".

For some, "Apex Legends" is really coming for "Fortnite" based on its performance. But do gamers really think that "Apex Legends" will become the most popular game in the meantime?

For Birmingham-based YouTube gamer Frenzee, whose real name is Josh, it is still too early to say that "Apex Legends" is a long term threat to Fortnite. He said that Fortnite might be "a little scared" right now but Apex developers must have a solid roadmap so that they can keep their material fresh.

For 23-year-old Jason Wyllie, a Scotland-based Twitch streamer, "Apex Legends" gives a better experience for both casual and hardcore first-person-shooter lovers. He said the game has a high skill ceiling cap but it also offers a low threshold for beginners - something that "Fortnite" failed to achieve.

There are still some games who sided with "Fortnite" over "Apex Legends" like Jason, who also goes by the name of Jaspers. He said "Apex Legends" will not last as a threat to "Fortnite".

He said Fortnite is a unique game that can cater to both the young and old generation. However, Jason believes that "Apex Legends" is a better game quality-wise.

"Apex Legends" cheered Electronic Arts investors after it was downloaded for more than what was expected.   This is especially Electronic Arts had disappointing sales with their much-traditional games like "Battlefield".

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