Huawei News & Updates: Huawei Willing To Face Extra Security To Keep Position In 5G Race

A 3-D printed Huawei logo is seen in front of displayed 5G words in this illustration
A 3-D printed Huawei logo is seen in front of displayed 5G words in this illustration taken February 12, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/File Photo)

After facing controversies over alleged spying issues, Chinese tech giant Huawei is prepared to show the world that their phone devices should be trusted by facing any extra security measures. They said this is important so that they can still remain in the race of developing next-generation 5G networks in other parts of the world.

In an article published by Reuters, Huawei Technologies USA chief security officer Andy Purdy claimed that the company is willing to coordinate with the government on working out the issues of possible security threat. This is after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned allies of using Huawei equipment.

Sources also told Reuters that US Vice President Mike Pence joined Pompeo on February 13 to Poland to warn about Huawei. Poland is currently considering excluding Huawei from its future 5G network.

Polish police also previously arrested a Huawei exec for alleged spying activities. This is also one factor the Polish government considered in excluding Huawei from the 5G project.

Purdy said Huawei is ready to work with governments to show that their product is safe. They are willing to put their device to additional tests like testing the source codes for products.

In an article published in BGR, Purdy said that if the government of Poland will decide to ban Huawei from the 5G race, the company will continue to take a long view of potential sales in the mentioned country over time. He said the company believes that the day will come for them to compete if that will be the case.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying, on the other hand, accused Pompeo of using the United States' state power to suppress any developments from Chinese companies. He said this is harmful for the operation of Chinese companies that are striving for a better market.

If Huawei cannot work it out with Poland, the company will also have a hard time penetrating the market of Germany. Germany Interior Minister Horst Seehofer recently backed a proposal in reforming the country's telecommunications law.

The proposed telecommunications law in Germany will toughen security requirements on foreign network vendors. This could mean that Huawei will have to feel more pressure since the German government will have to oversight them with strict measures.

Huawei wants to extend its influence as it already earned a massive amount of profit despite not having a huge following in Western countries like Europe and the US. It is currently the number one handset maker in China.

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