‘The Ghost Survivors’ DLC Brings New Challenges and Rewards to ‘Resident Evil 2’

Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 2 (Photo: Capcom/Official Website)

"Resident Evil 2" is a tremendous success, but Capcom isn't stopping there. ComicBook reports that a new DLC for the remake is out tomorrow, and it brings new challenges and rewards that will make both new and hardcore players love the game even more.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Capcom's Kellen Haney revealed the details of "The Ghost Survivors" DLC, a free update for the phenomenal remake of the 1998 classic. It features three new scenarios allowing players to play as three unique characters who originally died prior to the events of the original game.

Those who have played the additional game modes "The 4th Survivor," which features Umbrella Security Services (U.S.S.) agent Hunk, or "The Tofu Survivor," which features that incredibly popular block of bean curd, know how the new scenarios will be: do everything to get out of Raccoon City alive. This time, however, it is very different.

The first scenario, "No Time to Mourn," puts players in the shoes of Robert Kendo, owner of the Kendo gun shop. Players know that he met a terrible end in the original story, but he just might live in this scenario -- if players succeed.

After receiving a helicopter radio message from an old friend, Kendo packs his guns and braves the zombie-infested streets in an attempt to make it out alive, only to be faced by a new kind of zombie. Will he make it to safety?

The second scenario, "Runaway," lets players play as Katherine Warren, the daughter of Raccoon City's mayor, as she attempts to escape the city along with a certain someone. She is, however, being chased by a strangely mutated zombie that can only be stopped using powerful ammunition. Will she succeed in avoiding the zombie and stay alive?

The third scenario, "Forgotten Soldier," introduces Ghost, a U.S.S. agent thought to have been killed along with his squad. As Ghost, players will have to fight off hordes of armoured zombies on the way out of the underground laboratory. Will he make it out of the lab alive?

Players can take on all three scenarios on the normal difficulty, or try them out first in Training mode. Training mode allows players to practice each scenario with additional items and item slots. This mode also helps players learn key routes and discover enemy positions.

The Ghost Survivor brings new challenges and rewards for those who complete them. Aside from trophies, players will be rewarded with items that can be used to decorate their character.

Also along with the DLC, Capcom is giving away free '98 costumes for Claire and Leon. These costumes will clothe the two in their old polygonal glory, and will take players of the original game on a nostalgic trip through the streets of Raccoon City.

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