Suzuki Jimny, What Awaits Car Lovers As Wald Unleashes Its Hyper Aggressive Black Bison Edition

Suzuki Jimny
Suzuki Jimny (Photo: Moran Tsai/Flickr)

Mean-looking, hyper-aggressive is just some of the words that car lovers are now using to describe the Black Bison, Wald's version of the Suzuki Jimny.

Wald proudly revealed that they actually built the Jimny Black Bison, their own version of the Suzuki Jimny. It was Wald's surprising response after witnessing the internet freaking out when they first introduced their off-roader to the public in 2018.

Wald's Jimny Black Bison seems to take away the cuteness factor as Wald makes it appear more to be mean-looking and hyper-aggressive. CNET describes its new appearance as better than they have thought or expected.

Jimny Black Bison's mean-looking front feature can be compared to that of the Mercedes G-Wagen with the hood mounted turn signals. It definitely looks tougher, requiring huge fenders to accommodate the aggressive tire and wheel set up.

One major noticeable change is the presence of the lift and side-exit exhaust. The said feature was not seen in the regular Jimny as well as with the existing Suzuki Jimny lineup.

There were questions as to why there are giant nostrils on the hood to think that the off-roader uses a small-sized engine which does not require that much space. The safest answer would probably be because of the commitment to the theme. A bright driving is another thing that Wald's Jimny Black Bison boasts about as it does not stop in brightening the driveway alone. Mounted LCDs can be found at the bottom of the bumper area and to make sure that the trail ahead is well lighted, roof lights were installed.

Aside from the mean-looking physical boasting that Wald's Jimny Black Bison has, its performance will not differ much from that of the regular Jimny. A 99 horsepower and 95 pound-feet of torque can be the expected production from the 1.5-liter four-cylinder.

The Auto Blog clarified that Wald's version of the pint-sized off-roader is not produced by Suzuki as Wald released the Jimny Black Bison at the Osaka Auto Messe. However, car lovers are looking at the possibility of a full conversion kit offered to Suzuki car owners. There are still no announcements about when the hyper-aggressive Bison will be out in the market. Followers are looking at the possibility of the parts of Wald's Jimny Black Bison sold individually for those who cannot wait for the official release and are eager to set their hands on this mean-looking and hyper-aggressive pint-sized off-roader.

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