General Motors Taking Preorders for the ‘ARIV’ Electric Bike

New ARĪV eBikes From GM
New ARĪV eBikes From GM (Photo: GM/Official Website)

Following a successful crowdsourcing campaign, General Motors has revealed the name of their new electric bike: "ARIV." It is now available for preorder in certain European countries.

Ariv, which is pronounced as "əˈrīv" (like the word "arrive"), comes in two different models: a compact model named Meld, and a foldable version named Merge. The Verge reports GM hasn't publicly released the complete list of technical specs as of the moment.

GM says the Ariv ebikes allows riders to run at speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour (15.5 mph). The bikes can run for a distance of up to 64 kilometers, or 40 miles, before having to charge. What's more, GM says the bike needs to charge for only three and a half hours to enable it to run that far.

All the components GM used in making the Ariv ebikes were designed and made in-house, CNet reported. GM said the bikes were built "from the ground up" including the uniquely designed motor, which provides four levels of pedal-assisted power.

In addition to providing pedal-assisted power, both Meld and Merge models will also help users push the bike forward manually if there ever will be a need to do so. This feature, called the "walk" mode, will be helpful in certain situations such as parking the bike in tight spots or taking it to areas where riding it is impractical.

For safety, GM has equipped the Ariv ebikes with front and rear disc brakes and installed a rear light that makes the bike visible during evening runs. The ebikes also feature front lights that help provide visibility at night.

GM has also included some features that will provide some convenience to riders. For example, there's a built-in smartphone mount from Quad-Lock, which is very helpful for those who use mapping apps.

Along with the ebikes, Gm will also release a smartphone app that, when connected via Bluetooth, provides riders relevant information regarding their trips such as speed, motor assist level, distance, distance traveled, and remaining battery level.

Other features GM has planned for the ebike include an app mode that uses an algorithm that will help riders get to their target destination "sweat-free."

GM is now accepting preorders for the Ariv ebikes and expects to start shipping them to customers in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands in the second quarter of 2019.

Prices start at $3,200 for the Meld model in Belgium and the Netherlands, while the Merge will be priced around $3,800 for customers in the same countries. Prices are expected to be slightly lower for customers in Germany.

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