Grand Theft Auto Online Adds Cars, Other Bonuses For Valentine's Day

Grand Theft Auto Online
Grand Theft Auto Online (Photo: Grand Theft Auto V/Facebook)

It's Valentine's Day and Grand Theft Auto Online has something to offer to their players. It's not just some roses and chocolates but also a free t-shirt, some romantic gunrunning bonuses, and a new Declasse Vamos car.

In an article published by PCGamer, Rockstar Games released a new update for Grand Theft Auto Online and it includes the Declasse Vamos, which they described as "exactly the kind of bad influence you were looking for". The Declasse Vamos is currently available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

In the description provided for Grand Theft Auto Online players, the Declasse Vamos is a car created in 1960 as a straight-edge and sensible compact car. They likened it to a teenager looking for thrill and wild experience as it became a tool for some "bad influence".

Besides the car, the Grand Theft Auto Online is also offering double GTA dollars on all gunrunning sell missions, according to an article published by Comic Book. The GTA dollars and RP will also be doubled on missions like Bunker - Till Death Do Us Part, Hardest Target, Trap Door, and Siege Mentality team-based modes.

Time to do those team-based modes in order to have a gourmet meal at Up N' atom and two tickets to Capolavoro at the Ten Cent Theater, based on the description of Grand Theft Auto Online site. If the player is looking to impress, there is no greater bonding experience than going to Route 68 in an Insurgent Pickup.

The Grand Theft Auto Online update also includes 30 percent off to the Albany Roosevelt and Valor and all Valentine's Day clothing for a week. All weapons at the local Ammu-Nation are also discounted by the same amount while Bunkers and Mobile Operations Center will be discounted with 40 percent.

Besides what's mentioned, there are other discounts offers Grand Theft Auto Online has. Here are the following: All Valentine's Day Content - 30% off, Bunkers - 40% off, Mobile Operations Center - 40% off, Mk II Weapon Upgrades - 40% off, All Weapons at Ammu-Nation - 30% off, HVY APC - 30% off, Pegassi Oppressor - 30% off, Weaponized Declasse Tampa - 30% off, Anti-Aircraft Trailer - 30% off, Bravado Half-Track - 30% off, Dune FAV - 30% off, HVY Nightshark - 30% off, Ocelot Ardent - 30% off, Ballistic Equipment - 30% off.

For the players of the Grand Theft Auto Online who are too broke to get excited about the offers, Rockstar Games got their back too. The update offers Declasse logo t-shirt for free before February 20.

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