Blockchain Platform Meridio Partners with Airswap as DAI stablecoin Integrated

Meridio, an investing and trading platform built on the blockchain, has said that the integration of DAI's stablecoin is completed. Cryptoninjas reported on the state of the platform, which can finally trade real estate shares and deals for DAI. The stablecoin can also work with the platform fully in that it can finally create a near-perfect approximation of dollar transactions.

The blockchain platform plans to use DAI's stablecoin to handle its processes concerning the Asset Token, an ERC-20 compatible smart contract which can create a customizable on-chain compliance layer. In a traditional process, the purchase of any of these tokens would have the buyer going to Ether to purchase. With DAI, the users can go ahead and trade directly on Meridio.

The stablecoin can provide many other benefits. Smart contracts are easier to complete with the use of these stablecoin. Aside from that, trustless trades are easier to accomplish and settlement time can be completed instantly, without having to check for anything regarding the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Meridio didn't stop there either. It has recently announced entering into a partnership with decentralized exchange AirSwap. Together, both apps will merge with Meridio's front-end interface to create an environment where it's easy for users to trade blockchain-backed real estate property with investors already approved in the app.

The Tokenist reported that there are still hurdles to be overcome, but the platform welcomed the challenge. This was one of the reasons why Meridio chose AirSwap as a partner in trading to create a compliant and almost seamless way to integrate with API. This also solved the problem of creating a new token to use in trading real estate.

This new standard is backed by the partnership and is expected to overcome compliance problems. As it currently stands, the smart contracts created by Meridio are undergoing an audit. New information will soon become available once the audits are completed, including new standard tokens.

DAI will further enforce seamless in-app support for Meridio, with the integration of AirSwap widgets. Users with available Ether will be able to convert their savings to DAI simultaneously if they want to remove the counterparty risk. They will also be able to do this without going out of the platform and giving up custody.

The partnerships between DAI, AirSwap, and Meridio shows the seriousness of these developers in creating a case for blockchain. Pretty soon, blockchain will gain more uses in the mainstream real estate trading market.

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