'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 6 Episode 7, Episode 8 Air Date And Spoilers Revealed

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Put on the Antics Again
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S05E22 (Photo: flickr.com)

Heading into Season 6, the police officers from New York City's 99th precinct didn't expect how they would fare at their new home. Back in 2018, all that executive producer Dan Goor wanted is to continue with the TV comedy format until Fox Entertainment decided to let the show go.

With NBC providing a fresh perspective, the law enforcement program remains focused on giving viewers and fans what they want. Considering its successful run over the recent years, tweaking the approach may not be such a good idea since people are used to understanding how the characters deal with issues around them.

With a solid family fan base in place, Goor is looking to bolster the presence of the supporting cast. In a way, the producer wants their lives to be integrated into the limelight a bit more. The idea is to dig into the family-oriented details of various stories.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 has a number of narratives to grow on. For instance, Terry Crews will unravel the household dynamics of his role as Terry Jeffords. On the other hand, Melissa Fumero's Amy Santiago will be delved into considering that she and Andy Samberg's Jake Peralta ended last season as husband and wife.

Episode 7 Season 6 introduces followers of the show to a new plot which will test, once again, the mettle of the mainstay characters. Old school cop Ray Holt, who is portrayed by Andre Braughter, will butt heads with young gun Jake over the handling of a new character in the precinct.

Together with Stephanie Beatriz's Rosa Diaz and Joe Lo Truglio's Charles Boyle, Melissa Fumero and Terry Crews will hold the fort, once more, to keep the outbursts at the 99th under control. The "Honeypot" episode will be shown on the 21st this February 2019.

Meanwhile, episode 8 will heighten the antics with some twists. Boyle calls on Peralta about a case of a missing person. Apparently, a therapist requests Charles to help in locating a patient who suddenly vanished.

Then Captain Holt is the last to find out about Rosa's girlfriend. It can be recalled that Diaz came out a bisexual last season. This is likely the start of expanding that plot, and the precinct head will be in for quite a surprise.

Also, Fumero and Crews' characters get into some entanglements of their own. A package intended for Terry ends up with Amy. "The Therapist" episode will go on air at the end of February.

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