'True Detective' Season 3 Episode 7 Spoilers: What's Next For Hays And West?

The Mysterious Case Goes Deeper
True Detective S03E02 (Photo: flickr.com)

Fans just can't get enough chills from the crime drama True Detective. The grip from Season One has viewers hooked neck-deep into Season 3 as North Arkansas law enforcers Wayne Hays and Roland West portrayed by Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff, respectively, sets off to solve a mysterious case.

The third season opens up with a couple of children gone missing. Both victims will have contrasting fates considering that one will end up dead and the other will turn out to be alive. Phoenix Elkin, who portrays the young Will, will have his case closed after his body was found. A thrilling scenario happens with Lena McCarthy's Julie since it will be years when she comes out in the open.

What makes the situation complex is the fact that the investigation of the Purcell children has to pursue a connection with earlier timelines. The investigation in episode 7 has tuned into a couple of leads. Primarily, Hays and West will be pursuing a man who suddenly left in the wake of the inquiries. Carmen Ejogo, who depicts teacher-turned-author Amelia, will probe Lucy's friends.

What makes True Detective Season 3 difficult to put off is its presentation. There is something about the background explorations that stand out. The clues usually emerge along those lines but identifying them is the hard part. It is arduous to fathom which part of the details will be impactful to the story.

The possibility that the villain has already drifted in and out of the screen is highly likely. A local businessman played by Michael Rooker's Hoyt has been thrown in the suspects' list. The only problem left is how the two detectives will back up their suspicion.

Perhaps the key to all this is Scoot Mcnairy's Tom Purcell, the father of the two abducted kids. At one point, he has managed to enter the Hoyt estate. Finding a sound-proof room will, somehow, reveal a hint that things are kept under a shadow of a doubt.

It does not help that what some of Julie's friends had spoken. One of them has pointed out that Julie talked glowingly about being a princess in pink room. How she ended in that suite will be addressed by Mamie Gummer's Lucy Purcell who gave her daughter to Hoyt over some money.

The confusion over the details of True Detective Season 3 is what makes the show intriguing. Even some of the actions of the two detectives are questionable. The intrusion into the Hoyt estate may have a lot to reveal but Hays and West, somehow, managed to keep the lid shut on the jar. How things will shape out remains to be seen.

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