NBA Legend Believes LeBron James Chokes In The Clutch, Ice Cube Concurs

LeBron James has often been compared to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, a debate that has raged on for years. Most single out the facets and skills of all the players, differences of which are obviously notable.

In the case of James, he has often gotten his share of criticism when it comes to closing games. He has managed to succeed and fall at times, something that Jordan and Bryant have endured during their prime. With LeBron singled out as perhaps the top NBA player to date, some folks have now taken a swipe at the Los Angeles Lakers superstar.

Scottie Pippen, one of the identified partners with Jordan, believes that James lacks the clutch gene in an interview with ESPN’s First Take. He singles out how LeBron turns into a peasant during crunch time.

“When I look at LeBron, he’s not what Michael (Jordan) was as a player. He’s not even what Kobe (Bryant) was as a player,” Pippen said in that interview.

When it comes to Bryant, it would be best to ask some lifelong NBA fans to see if they concur with Pippen’s claim. Ice Cube was asked to comment on the matter and the actor-rapper responded with a safe answer to TMZ Sports.

"I think he does have the clutch gene, but not too many people in the world got the Kobe and Jordan gene,” said Ice Cube.

As with many debates, the point being raised here is that James is in a class of his own. It hardly matters if he is at par or below Jordan and Bryant. Despite the criticism that LeBron has been getting, Ice Cube believes that the Lakers star should not really pay much attention to it – singling out how the King has got three championship rings to show.

Looking ahead and during clutch games, it goes without saying that James can either save or sink the Lakers (or any team he plays for) during clutch moments. The 34-year-old has already accomplished a lot in his career and criticism is only part of being one of the NBA’s greatest players. So far, James seems to be doing fine managing his situation with all eyes now on him to see if he can deliver another NBA title to the Los Angeles Lakers.

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