‘Apex Legends’ New Character to Come in March, Leak Implies

Apex Legends
Apex Legends cover photo. (Photo: Apex Legends/Facebook)

Following a recent leak regarding Respawn Entertainment's "Apex Legends'" upcoming characters, a new leak has surfaced revealing when one of them might possibly come.

Recently, players who scoured Apex Legends' game files discovered that two new Legends, Octane and Wattson, were slated to become new additions to the battle royale's current roster, Game Rant reported. Now, a new file that indicates Octane's possible release date has been found as well.

According to the so-called "Post Launch Playlists," one of the many areas in Apex Legends' game files, a new playlist is scheduled during "Week 8." This falls on the days between March 25 and April 1, 2019, considering that this is the eighth week since the popular video game was released.

The Week 8 playlist features what is called the "Octane Preview." Although not much is known about this, it possibly implies that the character dubbed Octane will be released, or made available to the gaming public during this timeframe. Otherwise, it could simply be an event or in-game announcement about the said character; a preview as to what he can do in Apex Legends.

According to an earlier leak, Octane is believed to own abilities focusing on speed or boosting. This is based on a sound file entry for a Stimpack: an item commonly used to help enhance a character's movement speed or help in his recovery.

In "Titanfall," another Respawn hit, stimpacks were used to reload guns faster, in addition to giving a temporary boost in character movement. The same could apply to Octane.

Additionally, some speculate that Octane might have an ability to boost a player's Ultimate charging rate, although this is unlikely as there's already an existing in-game item with that function in the game. Still, a character with that kind of ability would make for an awesome support.

The other Legend, Wattson, seems to have electricity-based abilities. One of the sound files discovered went by the name "Tesla Trap," which might mean one of a few things: it's either a trap that zaps enemies with electricity, dealing damage when triggered; or it works to somehow slow an enemy down by electrocution.  Either way, it sounds electrifying.

For now, these sound files are the only things the gaming community has when it comes to Apex Legends' new and upcoming content. Respawn Entertainment hasn't confirmed anything yet, and so it's best to take it all with a grain of salt -- especially since "Week 8" ends on April Fools' Day.

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