Kyrie Irving Caught On Cam Recruiting Kevin Durant? ‘Two Max Slots; It’s Time’ – Irving Tells KD

NBA: All Star-Practice
Feb 16, 2019; Charlotte, NC, USA; Team Lebron guard Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics (11) handles the ball against Team Lebron forward Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warrior (35) during NBA All-Star Game practice at the Bojangles Coliseum. (Photo: Bob Donnan/USA TODAY Sports)

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant had a grand time during the NBA All-Star Weekend and they shared more than just a few light-hearted moments. They were inseparable. Irving was even caught on video seemingly implying and urging Durant that they should move to the New York Knicks together this summer.

A lot can happen between now and July 1. And while the focus of the NBA followers is firmly fixed on the Anthony Davis sweepstakes, the impending free agency season will likely take the focus back to the likes of Irving and Durant. After all, these two superstars are considered the top catch in the 2019 free agency season.

Irving and Durant played together for Team LeBron last Sunday, with the latter taking home the All-Star Game MVP honors. But amidst all the chatter of the All-Star Game, the camaraderie between Irving and Durant was in full display during the mid-season NBA spectacle.

Irving and Durant engaged in playful banter all throughout the All-Star festivities. But what caught the people's attention is a seemingly innocent video of Irving and Durant having a conversation together. Irving was caught saying "two max slots, it's time" to Durant.

At the moment, the only team in the NBA capable of signing two players to a maximum contract is the New York Knicks. Durant has been rather stingy when the members of the media ask the Warriors superstar about the New York Knicks. While a lot of things can still happen, the playful banter between Irving and Durant hints that they could be heading to New York this summer.

By the looks of it, of all the superstars in the NBA, it seems like Kyrie Irving would have the most interesting summer. The Boston Celtics reportedly have the highest chance for landing the New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis. A pairing of Irving and Anthony would be downright scary and could just be enough to dominate the Eastern Conference.

The Celtics don't have the capability of signing two max contracts, at least, not at this very moment. While the Celtics can, in theory, create cap space to sign two superstars to max-contracts, Irving seems to be implying the New York Knicks.

However, NBA fans should not discount the fact that Irving may be trying to recruit Durant to join the Celtics. And if the thought of going up against the duo of Irving and Anthony could be enough to give opposing teams a nightmare, the trio of Irving, Anthony, and Durant suiting up for the Celtics would be terrifying.

Talk about shooting two birds with one stone. Irving, by persuading Durant to come to Boston, makes the Celtics one of the strongest teams in the league while significantly reducing the Golden State Warriors' firepower.

Irving and Durant really looked like they genuinely like each other - a bromance of some sort. And if both of them end up in New York this summer, then the balance of power in the Eastern Conference will be shaken up.

A troika of Irving-Durant-DeAndre Jordan would, at least on paper, immediately make the Knicks one of the better teams in the league. And if the Knicks can draft Zion Williamson, the Knicks would be an instant contender. 

A storied franchise like the New York Knicks deserve better, and their fans, one of the best in the NBA, certainly deserve it. Or at the very least, Knicks fans would have something to cheer for.

Or then again, Irving may have been saying there are two-max slots for him and Durant to play poker or something. Or it may be Durant's way of getting back to the annoying media members. These days, you can't just discount anything. We're definitely going to see one of the most interesting free agency seasons in recent memory.

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