Michael Schumacher: How The F1 Superstar’s Former Boss Sees Hope On His Health Progress

Michael Schumacher shows good signs of hope on his health progress according to his former Ferrari boss.
Michael Schumacher shows good signs of hope on his health progress according to his former Ferrari boss. (Photo: Pixabay/smellypumpy)

Michael Schumacher's former Ferrari boss says that there is still hope for the Formula One legend's health condition.

Michael Schumacher's former boss, Jean Todt expressed optimism on Wednesday. In an interview, he boldly declared that the hope is still there that Schumacher's health condition will improve. Todt shared his positive view of the F1 legend's condition through a French sports newspaper.

Michael Schumacher's former boss who now presides the motor racing's governing body the FIA further added that he is closely updated to the F1 superstar's health improvement. He also said that he is confident that the F1 ace's family and doctors will continue to take care of him.

According to Michael Schumacher's former boss, the accident brought him and the F1 legend's family closer. He said that after the accident, he stayed close to the family, close enough for him to confidently declare hope on the German racer's health progress. He ended his statement saying that he is closer to the family now than before the skiing accident took place.

Michael Schumacher, world renown, Formula One racing driver for Jordan Grand Prix, Benetton and Ferrari claimed the historic seven-time world champion. In December 2013 the F1 legend suffered multiple head and brain injuries when he met a skiing accident.

Michael Schumacher's wife, Corinna, son, Mick, and daughter, Gina-Maria kept a close watch over his health after the skiing accident. They were accompanied by doctors in the specially built hospital wing who gave the F1 superstar round-the-clock treatment.

On December 20, a specially designed Bell 429 Global Ranger tool Michael Schumacher to Majorka, a Spanish island. The helicopter was specifically equipped for patient transport.  Joining him on the light was his wife and two children.

At 2:35 p.m. the helicopter landed on the family's private helipad after they stopped to refuel near the French town of Pamiers.  Michael Schumacher who was then wrapped in a brown blanket was reportedly attended immediately by nurses who wore surgical masks.

Michael Schumacher's trip was to keep him away from the cold Swiss winter weather. Health experts said that the mild Mediterranean climate will help boost the F1 superstar's rehabilitation.  The F1 superstar and his family spent the whole holiday season as well as his 50th birthday on their holiday home which his wife acquired in July 2018 at £26.3m.

With the assurance that Michael Schumacher' wife gave saying that they are doing everything they can to help the F1 superstar, Schumacher's former boss has a  reason to believe that there is hope to the legend's health progress.

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