‘GTA 6’ Developer Rockstar Games to Announce Grand Theft Auto Soon?

Grand Theft Auto Online
Grand Theft Auto Online (Photo: Grand Theft Auto V/Facebook)

"Grand Theft Auto 5," one of the most popular games to date, has been running for five years now. The sheer number of players that continue to play the game, particularly its online component "GTA Online," simply shows just how GTA V deserves to have a sequel.

So far, there are no official announcements about GTA VI. Game developer Rockstar has remained tight-lipped on the matter at the moment, and this is pretty much understandable considering they had just released "Red Dead Redemption 2 a few months ago.

Rockstar could've ridden on RDR2's massive success and said something about GTA VI, Dexerto noted. The developers, however, didn't say anything about a GTA VI release, leaving fans disappointed and scouring the internet for possible hints.

Perhaps, Rockstar might surprise fans with an unexpected announcement anytime they please. But so far, all that's available are rumors and speculations about the anticipated title. Here are some rumors about GTA Vi:


Fans are speculating that for GTA Vi, Rockstar might be planning to use London as the setting, much like the 1999 version of the game, "GTA London." Rockstar head writer Dan houser, however, told The Guardian that while GTA London was cool for its time, London won't be the perfect setting for another GTA title.

Some speculate that GTA VI will be set in Rockstar's take on South Califonia, Vice City. Others speculate that it will be somewhere in South America. Still, others believe that GTA Vi will send players traveling through the whole of the United States. However this happens, it's sure to be exciting.

Story and characters

GTA VI's story could pretty much revolve around anything, PCGamesN reported. While there aren't any specific story beats as of now, fans are hoping that Rockstar would introduce a female lead character in GTA VI.

GTA V had a host of memorable lead characters, all three of them male. Houser said this isn't because they deliberately avoided creating female leads; rather, this is because they simply didn't think of it. In the future, however, they might introduce a female lead for the right game. "

Houser added that with the right themes in play, putting a female lead could be "fantastic."

Release date

Finally, here's what most, if not all fans are waiting for: a release date. Fans from all over have various speculations as to when the next big Rockstar title will arrive, but since the game developers are mum about it, there's not much to talk about.

Some have noted that GTA titles usually have four or five years between each release. This doesn't seem to apply to GTA VI, though, since GTA V is almost six years old now. Moreover, Rockstar released RDR2, not GTA VI, last year.

Does that mean they won't release GTA VI? Fans will just have to wait for more details in the future. Stay tuned for more updates as they come.

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