Rivian Update: New Battery Patent For An Upcoming Automobile Discovered

Rivian introduces R1T all-electric pickup truck at LA Auto Show in Los Angeles
Rivian CEO R.J. Scaringe introduces his company's R1T all-electric pickup truck at Los Angeles Auto Show in Los Angeles, California, U.S.

The sharp eyes of people on the internet found out that automaker company Rivian has published a new patent application. Based on it, there would be more range in their electric vehicle in a straightforward manner.

In an article published in CNET, the sleuths at Rivian Forums found out the recently published patent application. The application indicated that it is for an electric vehicle sporting a modular removable auxiliary battery with integrated cooling.

The new patent of Rivian has a second battery that can be put or removed from a vehicle in an easy way. When it is plugged in, it is observed to be functioning like any other part of the electric car.

The idea also shows a rough sketch of Rivian's upcoming R1T pickup truck. It shows an auxiliary battery module that could be mounted on a specific part of the truck's bed.

An article published in India Times shows that the upcoming R1T pickup truck will use the patented battery. The article also said that the patent was published last month and it is currently in the "pending" status in the US patent office.

Moreover, the bed of the Rivian patent is not just limited to have a plug to accept the power from the battery. It also has cooling hookups that can keep the battery cool by using the same cooling system that keeps the primary battery from getting too much heat.

It means that the Rivian patent's battery does not have the extra weight of a standalone cooling system. This will help the portability of the vehicle.

The entire onboard cooling system is absent. However, the battery of Rivian is more likely to be heavy for the user.

Rivian is expecting that the R1T will reach its production in 2020. Still, users and car pundits said that the remaining time could be used for something productive.

So far, no further information was unveiled by the sleuths of Rivian forums about the cost and the size of the auxiliary battery. However, based on the 105/135/180kWh battery options on their truck, the battery may possibly offer an additional 50 to 80 kWh capacity.

On the other hand, Rivian is also planning to have an electric SUV in the market identified as R15. This specification of the electric SUV is currently listed by the automobile company as something impressive as it currently has a 400 plus miles range.

The planned Rivian electric SUV also has an acceleration of 0 to 100 kmph in just three seconds. Based on these numbers, the electric SUV might not need the extra battery seen in the patent.

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