iOS 13 Leaks and Rumored Features -- Details Here

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Apple fans are waiting for the upcoming iOS version to be released this year, iOS 13. Here are some details that are either confirmed or are just rumored to be included in the highly anticipated iOS version.

According to YouTube channel iUpdate, Apple is going to introduce major changes to the iOS, and will also include iPad-specific features that iPad owners will enjoy. Although iPhone users may feel that that's quite a letdown, iOS 13 is said to feature some new changes that will meet user expectations.

First of all, iOS 13 will feature major changes to how the UI looks like. Although fans didn't ask for it, Apple is said to give the Home Screen a refresh which will enhance how the iPad and iPhone will look like when the phone screen is idle. How this looks like remains a mystery, which simply adds excitement to the waiting.

Next, iOS 13 will bring the much awaited and much requested Dark Mode, already featured on the macOS. Most of the iDevice community has been waiting for Apple to introduce Dark Mode to the iOS, but after years of pleading will the Cupertino giant, they just might see their screens in a darker theme with iOS 13.

There are also reports of a refreshed volume HUD in iOS 13. Currently, users are presented with a huge volume indicator block that covers a huge part of the screen, annoying many users. With the iOS 13, Apple is said to redesign that, so that it would look better. Some think that the new HUD will be a slider on the left side of the screen.

Aside from these, iOS 13 is also said to feature the following:

iPad-specific features. The iPad, particularly the iPad Pro, was meant to be a computer-replacement device, but sadly failed in that respect. With iOS 13, Apple is said to enhance the iPad's productivity features using a slew of upgrades to certain apps.

A new version of the Photos app. The Photos app is said to employ a new algorithm that will help users maximize their use of the app. This will help in searching for photos, among others.

An improved Safari experience. Safari, Apple's native web browser, is said to work faster and more efficiently, extending battery life while loading pages faster.

Should Apple stick to their planned schedule, a beta version of iOS 13 will be out by July this year, online news outlet Otakukart reported, followed by the final version in September. Only iPads and iPad Pros from 2017 onward, as well as iPhone 7 models and newer, will be getting iOS 13.

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