OnePlus 7 Won’t Have Wireless Charging, CEO Says

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition
The OnePlus 7 (not the one in picture) won't have wireless charging, according to OnePlus' own CEO, Pete Lau. (Photo: Facebook/oneplus)

Despite its reputation for producing high-end yet affordable smartphones with specs that easily rival the industry's big names, OnePlus is holding back on one major fan-requested feature and won't equip their upcoming flagship with it.

Certain smartphones in recent times, starting with the iPhone X, already feature wireless charging. The upcoming OnePlus 7, however, won't have wireless charging but instead use traditional wired charging. This information comes from OnePlus' own CEO, Pete Lau.

Speaking to CNET, Lau said wireless charging isn't a feature worth adding to the OnePlus 7, emphasizing that their wired charging feature is "one of the best." Furthermore, Lau considers wireless charging "inferior" to wired charging and remains skeptical about the former.

Through an interpreter, Lau noted how wired charging is faster. Using a physical quick charge plug, OnePlus smartphone batteries go from zero to 50 percent in about 20 minutes. Doing the math implies that OnePlus smartphones get fully charged in less than an hour using a wired charger.

OnePlus working on wireless charging

With Lau's comments, OnePlus appears to be totally opposed to using wireless charging on their devices. The truth, however, is that the Chinese company is actually open to using it, although at an unknown time in the future.

According to CNET, the Chinese company is actually trying to find ways to enhance their delivery of wireless charging power without any overheating problems. OnePlus refuses to comment on the matter, even with Qualcomm stating that it'll make their quick-charge technology available for wireless charging purposes.

Perhaps, OnePlus plans to surprise the public with a smartphone that features wireless charging. OnePlus shares its components with Oppo. With the latter recently joining the Wireless Power Consortium, it's not hard to expect that OnePlus will also feature wireless charging in a smartphone anytime soon, XDA Developers noted.

What's more, wireless charging seems to be a major feature among many smartphone users. If the demand for it rises, and OnePlus does find a way to prevent overheating, then OnePlus fans just might see one in the future. For now, OnePlus fans will just have to wait and see.

Rumored selfie camera

In another OnePlus 7 news, an alleged leak reveals that the upcoming flagship will feature a pop-up selfie camera to give way to a larger display. A pop-up camera feature also allows OnePlus to ditch the notch on the OnePlus 7, making it look better than most current notch-sporting smartphones today.

Some, however, said the leak appears to be a fake, noting how the front camera is revealed by adjusting the leaked photo's contrast

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