Apple News And Updates: Touch ID Making A Come Back? Foldable iPhone Patent Filed

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The advancement of technology is never a doubt part of everybody's daily life. Most people cannot function without technology as it is part of people's routine Thus, many companies have conceptualized upgrades on their existing products. Apple is one of the fastest companies when it comes to upgrading.

Recently, the ambitious plan of Apple in innovating a folding phone is currently starting to take in place. Thus, the company also granted an extensive patent for the similarity of radical technology. It looked like a set to hit on the iPhones much sooner.

According to AppleInsider, Apple granted and "unusually technical patent." It is a detailed work to expand the technology that is used in the iPhone biometrics. The Face ID system is one of the radically upgraded display. Apple explained how they can use the shared technology that is vertical cavity surface emitting lasers or the VCSELs. It can be part of a system that is able to detect the tiny deformations of the surface structure as the finger pressure is applied to the screen. However, it is widely expected that the technological advancement of the 3D Touch will be canceled.

Rather, the integration into Apple's work on in-display Touch ID may seem a better fit. This technology has multiple paths over the last year and ties in with Apple's initiative on replacing passport, ID documents through iPhone. This is something that can gain credibility from the added security that the dual biometric brings.

In line, Apple filed to its existing patent a continuation for the company's foldable phone, last February 14. The patent is not a brand-new application but a continuation. It is like an update to its previous invention. The latest patent features the structural details of its folding phone. In an interview by Foldable news, designer Roy Gilseng was asked what are does he think will the foldable phone will look like. He then came up with some interesting concept images. Of which are a horizontal-style keyboard.

As follows, it has been said that it is not a coincidence that Apple invested in VCSEL producer Finisar back in 2018. The investment amounted $390 million. Thus, not until Tim Cook releases and iPhone on stage, announcing the new VCSEL technology the prior plans can change. Thus, critics are waiting for the new releases of the company.

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