Doctors Can Now Perform Surgeries Through 5G, Experts Say

Surgeons (Photo: AmericanCollSurgeons/ Twitter)

Have you ever heard about 5G? One of the words that buzz the internet just after 2019 started, 5G is becoming a thing nowadays in the field of technology. As a matter of fact, South Korea and the United States is about to follow the trend as they plan to upgrade their networks and open 5G networks to their customers by offering them compatible devices.

But prior to that, China has already set the trend as some experts have already used it in the medical field. After a series of examinations and tests, the very first remote surgery equipment that uses 5G was a success. According to the online publication, the surgery, which has been done by a surgeon in the south-eastern province of Fujian, involves a laboratory test animal.

The surgeon has been successful in removing the liver of the animal using the surgical arms through a 5G connection. The lag time between the doctor's control device and the robot in the surgical room is so fast that it has been recorded to be only 0.1 seconds.

With that speed, researchers are assured of the efficiency and effectiveness of robots powered by a 5G connection in the medical field. Because of the result and success of the surgery, experts are excited to see how 5G can be maximized in the field and be able to help humans as well.

By using a 5G connection in surgery, we are only an inch of reaching the possibility of saving lives no matter where the surgeon and the patient is. "This could end up saving countless lives as skilled surgeons will be able to operate on patients in remote locations in a safe manner," as reported by Uber Gizmo.

Meanwhile, a study conducted in 1999 that shows how medical errors especially during surgery can really be risky and could even pose death to patients. Published in the report entitled "To Err Is Human," the authors behind the research found out that almost 98,000 people die per year because of these mistakes.

As compared to 4G, a 5G connection is almost a hundred times faster. It can also be used to power-self driving cars, smart cities, virtual reality, and networked robots aside from health care, according to CNN.

The discovery of 5G enabled surgery is now the new hope for every expert for mankind. With the use of this procedure, surgeons and other medical staffs are aiming to reduce the risks of medical errors and decrease the rate of people dying because of it.

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