CONFIRMED: Motorola RAZR To Return As A Folding Clamshell Smartphone

Motorola RAZR Smartphone patented design
(Photo: WIPO)

The Motorola RAZR clamshell phone is considered to be a gamechanger in the history of mobiles. And with the return of many iconic phones such as the tough Nokia 3310, fans are hoping that the RAZR will soon be re-released in one way or another. Thankfully, Motorola is working on it.

Speaking with Engadget, Motorola Vice President of Global Product Dan Dery said they are planning on releasing their first foldable smartphone this year, emphasizing their intention not to fall behind others in the folding smartphone race.

With Samsung and Huawei releasing the Fold and Mate X before mid-2019, fans can expect Motorola to launch their own foldable smartphone in the coming months. Moreover, it seems that Motorola won't be releasing just another foldable smartphone. They will be releasing a smartphone that features the iconic RAZR clamshell design.

Recently, a patent for "communications equipment" was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization or WIPO. The patent, registered to "Motorola Mobility LLC," revealed images of what appeared to be the original RAZR clamshell sans the bulging hinge and the keypad -- both of which appear to be replaced by a huge display.

The said communications equipment also features the same iconic chin found in the original RAZR line, as well as the same look of the phone's exterior when folded. It even features a secondary screen for when the device is closed and has what looks like a front camera in when the phone is closed. Again, this is similar to the original RAZR.

Interestingly, the rendered images also show another circle situated at the rear side of the phone. This could possibly be an opening for a fingerprint reader unless Motorola says it's for something else.

Plans confirmed

Dery seemed to confirm what these patented images reveal, BGR noted. He said it's not practical for foldable phones to have their screens outside because they are exposed to items that will scratch them. These kinds of phones, he says, look good on the first day, but risk losing their beauty after day one with all the things they are exposed to.

Dery said it's their intention not to place displays outside. And with the signature RAZR clamshell design, folding displays will be kept safe and away from scratches.

Tough competition

Should Motorola push through with the RAZR design, fans will be elated, and both Samsung and Huawei will have tough competition: Motorola was able to sell 130 million units during the phone's 4-year run, crowning it as the best-selling clamshell phone in the world, XDA Developers noted.

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