'Persona 5 S' Rumored To Tandem With Nintendo Switch

Persona 5
Persona 5 (Photo: Persona 5/Facebook)

Fans are excited as reports surface with the release of "Person 5 S." Leaks regarding the release are reported to be launched this coming fall of 2019. Also, it is speculated that the meaning of S is for the Nintendo Switch version. Critics suggested that the "Persona 5 S" is for the Nintendo Switch. Mr. Ohya who had already proven the accurate number of Persona 5 R leaks before the official announcement.

Thus, no official statement has been released with the exact date of the 5 S version. It is not yet clear what will be the difference of the Persona 5 S PS$ version to the non-S PS4 version. Reports suggested that it may be an error made by Mr. Ohya. Thus, Mr. Ohya said that before May fans will have their info. It will be expected that Atlus will reveal more details about Persona 5 S during the said month.

In line, with "Persona 5's" Joker character coming to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it has been heavily speculated that Nintendo and Atlus are working together. As previously there was a Persona Q2 available for Nintendo 3DS. Thus, recent teasers from Atlus points into a direction towards something more, according to Game Revolution.

Furthermore, towards the end of 2018, Atlus was reported to be busy. They have been registering carious "Persona 5" domain names. It includes "P5R," which is an acronym that was seen at the Atlus official website. "P5M" and the "P5B" are also spotted to be registered via Push Square. Thus, critics find it confusing.

In line, the new information that has been provided by Mr. Ohya that he posted on Twitter stated that they still have to wait for the Atlus' official statement. After the statement, they will truly know the exact planning.

Thus, there has been a lot of Person games and spin-offs, it would be a challenge to estimate what did Mr. Ohya revealed. With that, speculations arose that it would be a Nintendo Switch version of "Persona 5," according to Wccftech.

Meanwhile, last month, Altrus also revealed a new Person 5 project, recently known only as "Persona 5 R." as for the additional announcement, the information will be coming next month. Just like among the announcements, the Japanese publisher will have to make is the speculated "Persona 5 S." Hence, fans and critics will just have to wait this coming May. 

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