‘CyberPunk 2077’ Coming To This Year’s E3, CDPR Announced

Cyberpunk 2077 Outnumbered But Not Out gunned Screenshot
Cyberpunk 2077 Outnumbered But Not Out gunned Screenshot (Photo: Cyberpunk 2077 Official Website / CD Projekt RED)

Here's some great news for those who have been waiting for more details about the upcoming title, "CyberPunk 2077." Developer CD Projekt Red has confirmed that they'll be coming over to this year's E3, and will be bringing the game with them.

A tweet from the official "CyberPunk 2077" Twitter account announced, in typical CDPR fashion, that they "will be at E3 this year." The tweet was made in response to those who are possibly asking if they'll see more of the anticipated title in the E3.

So far, little is known about the game. Aside from a gameplay reveal video, CDPR remains silent about the game's details, only saying a few things such as possible female companions for V, the game's main protagonist and player character, and that it won't be exclusive to the Epic game store.

The reveal video, which was shown during last year's E3, however, did reveal a lot of details about the game.

First, it's an RPG that puts players in the role of V, a protagonist that can be customized according to a player's preferences: gender, appearance, classes, skills, and a lot more.

Second, the game is set in a dystopian world called Night City. CDPR promises that the game will not have loading screens, and will feature seamless travel through the game map.

Third, V will have some companions from time to time, depending on where the player is at the moment. These companions can either be male or female regardless of V's own gender.

Fourth, the world is highly interactive. Signages react to V as he/she comes nearer, NPCs have their own distinct interesting personalities, and in-game people look like they have their own culture and are living their normal lives on a daily basis.

According to CDPR lead cinematic animator Maciej Petras, "CyberPunk 2077's" world is not procedurally generated, Wccftech reported. All buildings and structures in Night City were created manually, and players will be allowed to enter many of them. Through manual creation, Petras said they are able to produce a world of this quality.

There's a lot more to "CyberPunk 2077," but so far, only a few details such as these have been revealed. CDPR is expected to have made huge progress developing the game compared to last year, and just might surprise the gaming community with what they have in store with "CyberPunk 2077."

"CyberPunk 2077" is rated for mature audiences only. It features explicit language, violence, sexual activity, and full frontal nudity.

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