MacBook Pro 2019, Update On How Apple Users Wish It To Be

Apple MacBook Pro
Apple MacBook Pro (Photo: Aaron Yoo/Flickr)

Apple followers are still keeping their fingers crossed on when they will be able to lay their eyes on the 2019 MacBook Pro. While there remains no further update on the 2019 MacBook Pro release date, users can't help but voice out their ideas and wish on how they expect the latest MacBook ought to be.

Holding on to a statement released by Apple's Phil Schiller way back 2017 that the company is completely rethinking the MacPro and that the tech giant created a team to work hard on its regular improvement to make it their highest end and high throughput desktop system, followers are expecting a major change when the 2019 MacBook Pro finally launches.

Port is one thing that users have desired for Apple to increase. The inconvenience that one port brings is the reason behind users wishing for the 2019 MacBook Pro to have more ports, USB C ports to make it more generic or to at least have the MagSafe returned.

MacBook Pro's were labeled as the beastly computers because of how Apple artistically packed in the amazing processing power inside a small light package. With the 2019 MacBook Pro, the anticipation is much higher than users are even wishing it to use next-generation CPUs. No one wants to see the Core i9 debacle with the 2018 MacBook Pro issue again.

After Apple was heard to go all in on face recognition with the iPhones and iPad Pro releases, users are expecting that the 2019 MacBook Pro release will have the option available to feature Face ID. This technology so far is the most advanced compared to typing passwords, drawing patterns and even fingerprint scanning and with the promise of major change; MacBook is expected to keep pace with the said innovation.

With such a high expectation on what 2019 MacBook Pro has in store for the Apple lovers, it is not surprising that users are expecting for the next tech giant computer release to have tougher components so as to make way for better repairability should they put their hope that they will be using their MacBook Pro for a long period of time. Apple however assured that there will be a low failure rate by revamping the components.

As of the moment, Apple followers can hold on to the announcement made by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo through research note that 2019 MacBook Pro will feature a "13" display as the most concrete assurance they can grasp on what MacBook has in store. 

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