Apple To Produce Foldable iPhones With The Help Of Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Fold phone is shown on a screen at Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s Unpacked event in San Francisco
The Samsung Galaxy Fold phone is shown on a screen at Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s Unpacked event in San Francisco, California, U.S., February 20, 2019 (Photo: REUTERS/Stephen Nellis)

Foldable phones are quite hyping with different companies lately. Manufacturers are already doing a patent for their future release. Thus, Samsung is reported to be on top of the foldable release and being teased as a candidate for providing the foldable phone for Apple.

Samsung is the top contender in providing Apple its foldable panels. The company has already supplied most of the OLED components for the iPhone XS Max and XS. Thus, a Korean tech giant namely LG, also joined Apple's OLED supply chain last year.

Apple has shown much interest in foldable OLED for the year. It can be seen from the company's related patent applications.On the other hand, Samsung has already launched the Galaxy Fold, the company may be under pressure to deliver a new competing product, according to ETNEws South Korea.

However, it is still not clear if what approach will Apple make. As estimated the Samsung Galaxy Fold, for instance, will expand in a form of a tablet it will cost at least $1980. It would be too expensive than most laptops and tablets. Hence, Apple may just find a way of lowering down the cost. It would either involve simpler design or cheaper production.

According to AppleInsider, the foldable display that the alleged sample that Samsung has sent to Apple has a 7.2-inch panel which is 0.1-inch smaller compared to the 7.3-inch panel of Galaxy Fold. It is also said that it is the same as what was delivered to Google.

Furthermore, it is not yet clear if Apple will join the foldable phone hype. Thus, the company does source its panels from Samsung for its OLED iPhones. Hence, there is a possibility for the iPhone company to invest in foldable phones. As for Google, the company is increasingly a competitive player in the hardware market. Especially, the company's Pixel devices. So, it may also eventually decide to launch its a foldable smartphone in the future.

Also, Google has worked with Samsung to optimize the user interface for the Galaxy Fold. It is apparently preparing the Android platform. The company is getting ready for the future conception of foldable devices.

 The Samsung Display without a doubt seeks to profit from the industry's shift to this form factor. The company is referring to the OEM opt for its foldable panel going forward. The report also mentions that the company can produce an average of 200,000 units of foldable displays every month. Annually, that would be 2.4 million.

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