Jailbreak For A8X To A11-Powered iPhones And iPads Is Now Available; iOS 12 Compatible

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Latest jailbreak has been developed. The Pwn20wnd has achieved an incredible feat and developed successfully a reliable jailbreak for A8X to A11-powered iPhones and iPads. The phones should be running on iOS 12 to 12.1.12. Users can jailbreak their device if they have initially updated it to iOS 12 and does not want to update on the later version.

As many would know, jailbreaking is a way of unlocking restrictions on iOS to gain some access to apps and tweaks that have been prohibited by Apple.The process would let the users alter your iPhone's features and interface through the Cydia app or even Sileo, according to iPhone Hacks.

However, the list of the available tweaks has shrunk because of the difficulty of jailbreaking has become. Thus, a steady stream of consistent tweaks continues to trickle out and keep the community alive. This is due to the developer's passion.

With that, the most recent method for the uncover jailbreak works currently for iOS devices powered by A8X to A11 processors. As for iPhones, it can range from the iPhone 6S all the way to the iPhone X. this process is pretty much straightforward.

However, it is semi-untethered, the users need to re-enable it using some steps every time the iPhone shuts down or reboots. In line, there are some things users must consider before jailbreaking their device. The UncOver will only work on A8X to A11 devices.

It means that the iPhone SE, 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, 8/8 Plus, and iPhone X, will only be covered with this method. Thus, newer iPhones such as the XS and XR are not supported by A8X to A11 as of now. The developers have indicated that the jailbreak method might work in the near future, according to Gadget Hacks.

Thus, efforts are being done. Also, users that wanted to jailbreak their devices must also keep in mind that uncOver will not work if their iOS devices have been updated to 12.1.3 or 12.1.4. So, if the users have already upgraded, users must downgrade their devices. Unless Apple closes the window, then there will be less chance of the jailbreak.

Furthermore, the site noted that the process has a slight difference between the devices. Of which is the number of times the users have to repeat the process in order for the jailbreak to push through. They added that upon testing the jailbreak on an iPhone 8 on iOS 12, they have found that the jailbreak was finally installed after 15 attempts. It also includes multiple reboots. As for the iPhone X that is running on iOS 12.1.2, it only took them three attempts.

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