Playstation 5 Features 4K 60FPS, Leak Says

The Sony Playstation logo is seen at the Paris Games Week (PGW), a trade fair for video games in Paris
The Sony Playstation logo is seen at the Paris Games Week (PGW), a trade fair for video games in Paris, France, October 25, 2018. (Photo: REUTERS/Benoit Tessier)

A new rumor regarding Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5 giving away one of the console's key features has popped up. Is this rumor true? Read on for more details.

According to online outlet TheNerdMag, certain people over at the Reddit forums are discussing the PS5's featured specs. There, a certain Redditor who goes by the name "RuthenicCookie" claimed that the PS5 will feature 4K resolution and a 60fps rate.

While it's not uncommon for people to doubt alleged "leaks" or "reveals," a few details seem to build RuthenicCookie's credibility as a leaker.

First, the redditor claimed months ago that Sony is skipping this year's E3 for some reasons. Indeed Sony confirmed they will skip E3 2019, leaving fans to speculate about their progress with the PS5.

Second, as seen as a screenshot on TheNerdMag, RuthenicCookie also predicted how "Anthem" will perform months ago. It's not a secret that Anthem did make a mess, even causing some PlayStation 4 units to brick. Sony is issuing refunds for those affected by the problems Anthem created.

These claims have been confirmed, which means this redditor can be considered a reliable source of leaks. Here are some more claims made by RuthenicCookie:

RuthenicCookie, who claims the PS5 is "a monster," also gave away other details including the PS5's processor, possible launch titles, and more importantly, it's launch price.

The redditor said the PS5 console will be powered by an eight-core Ryzen CPU. Whether this will be AMD's Ryzen 7 1800X processor or not remains to be seen. What's sure, however, is that it will be enough to run games in 4K, and have no problems with running them at 60fps.

Titles claimed to be released with the PS5 include Hideo Kojima's awaited title "Death Stranding," Naughty Dog's hotly-anticipated "The Last Of Us Part II," and "that samurai game" believed to be "Ghost of Tsushima."

Lastly, RuthenicCookie claims Sony will sell the PS5 for $500 at launch. This might seem like a high price compared to the Nintendo Switch and even the PlayStation 4, but with the possible features it may have such as backwards compatibility, on-the-fly remasters and cloud gaming, it just might be worth every penny.

Word of caution

Although some of RuthenicCookie's claims have been confirmed and serve to build the redditor's credibility as a leaker on all things Sony and PlayStation, these are still rumors until Sony confirms them. It's best to take them all with a grain of salt.

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