#OnePlus7 | Concept
#OnePlus7 | Concept (Photo: Ben Geskin/Instagram)

A new leak about the upcoming OnePlus 7 smartphone surfaces, this time to reveal a hands on look at OnePlus' next flagship killer. Read on for more details.

The OnePlus 7 has been the subject of several leaks lately, the latest of which shows the alleged smartphone held in a hand. The photo shows what appears to be a confirmation of a previously-leaked pop-up selfie camera and a notch-less display, True-tech.net reported.

The leak, first seen on Chinese microblogging website Weibo and brought to attention by a Twitter user named JackyTech, shows the OnePlus 7 in action. On the screen is a prompt that says "Add face data," apparently telling the user to set Facial Recognition up.

Even more interesting is the amount of undisturbed screen estate this monster has. There are no notches, no hole punches, not even a visible fingerprint reader. All it has is a wide display surrounded by relatively thin bezels that make the phone look real good.

Of course, as OnePlus hasn't released any official confirmation regarding the matter, it's possible that this leak could also be a fake, just like other leaks in times past. At least one leak attempted to show the alleged OnePlus 7 in all its glory, but even that was debunked with a little help from Photoshop.

This new leak, however, seems to coincide with a recent leak coming from reliable leaker @OnLeaks, whose recent reveal showed images of the OnePlus 7 featuring three rear cameras and a pop-up front-facing camera.

Considering that @OnLeaks and the Weibo leak are showing the same thing, there's a pretty good chance the OnePlus 7 will have a pop-up camera.

Other specs

While the new leak doesn't seem to reveal anything more than a pop-up camera and an undisturbed screen, previous reports have already revealed what should be expected once the new smartphone is released.

First, previous reports say the standard 3.5mm headphone jack is nowhere to be found This is not surprising, as OnePlus already ditched the beloved feature on the OnePlus 7. Still, fans have been longing for its return, especially those who have already spent money acquiring good sound equipment.

Second, the upcoming smartphone won't feature wireless charging. OnePlus' very own CEO, Pete Lau, confirmed that the OnePlus 7 will feature their wired charging technology, which according to Lau remains superior to wireless charging methods.

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