The real world is not only a dangerous place for travelers as there are also a lot of dangers on the dark web.
The real world is not only a dangerous place for travelers as there are also a lot of dangers on the dark web. (Photo: János Szüdi/Flickr)

The real world is not only a dangerous place for travelers as there are also a lot of dangers on the online world - especially on the dark web. A lot of tourists are now looking for great travel deals for their next destination this season, and the virtual criminals are also now ready to steal their personal information.

You can find a number of sale travel packages online from the hotel to flight bookings that will surely entice travelers to grab their offers. However, there is a great danger that lies behind the possibility of saving a few bucks when you opt to buy on the dark web.

In a survey made by the British security company Comparitech, via the South China Morning Post, it found out that the dark web is full of fraud and scam traveling packages that target frequent-fliers or tourists.

The dark web is a hidden part of the internet that can only be accessed using special software. On one site alone, Comparitech learned that consumers could buy 100,000 travel points for only $884.

"The type of sites most commonly associated with the dark web are marketplaces where illicit goods such as narcotics, firearms and stolen credit card numbers are bought and sold," the report's author, Paul Bischoff, said. "The darkest corners are used to hire hit men, engage in human trafficking and exchange child pornography."

However, Bischoff warned that if the airline found out you bought stolen airline miles or selling your miles, it could easily wipe out your account. It could also cancel your booking if it learned that you broke the terms of service.

In a different study by the security consulting company Seon, it also found out that any numbers of travel products are also available on the dark web. It includes airline tickets, car rentals, and even tours sold with a 30 percent discount. It also learned that sellers could deliver flights bought through stolen credit cards.

Aside from products, Seon added the dark web could also help you begin your fraudster career. You could also buy a guide on how to book flights with stolen credit card information for $150, and hotel carding beginners guide for $150. There is also an e-book that could teach you how to use stolen credit cards with a chapter keen to flight tickets.

The dark web also offers stolen account details for online websites like login details for major online operators, hotel bookings, websites, and travel agencies that only cost $0.2-$1.55 per account. The sellers can also show where they get the stolen credentials while its low price can give you a hint if it works or not.

So if you're a traveler who wants to save a few dollars in flights and bookings while searching online, you should avoid the dark web to keep your personal data and other credentials safe. You should also avoid visiting unsecured websites and wireless hotspots that can collect your personal information, and opt instead for official websites and legit agencies.