At Pol Pot's cremation site in Anlong Veng with caretaker Mrs Khomsim Sim.
At Pol Pot's cremation site in Anlong Veng with caretaker Mrs Khomsim Sim. (Photo: Polly Dunford/ Twitter)

Since the very first day that the Cambodian government opened Anlong Veng, a district in Oddar Meanchey that lies on Vietnam's border, to the public, more and more tourists are getting attracted to the place. The rich Cambodian history that used to bring a nightmare to a lot of people, is now slowly being embraced by people around the world.

During the years between 1975 and 1979, the place and its nearby towns were considered the last fortress of Kampuchea, the fanatical Maoists who used to rule Cambodia. Only it was in April 1998 that the place became peaceful after the leader named Pol Pot, who was behind a bloody guerrilla war, died.

Located in the farthest part of Cambodia, Anlong Veng is located in an isolated place. Historians say that this was mainly the reason why it became susceptible to Khmer Rouge leadership.

Before it was transformed into a historic tourist attraction, Anlong Veng used to be surrounded by thick forest, even impossible to be reached by vehicles. The place can only be accessed by foot or through an unofficial border that Khmer Rouge made for themselves, which they use to transport high-quality hardwood logs to their customers as their way to earn money for themselves.

It was just in September 2011 where the government committee of Cambodia decided to open Anlong Veng to the public, as reported by Phnompenh Post. Since then the place was restored, which featured "historical documents and significant landmarks of Khmer Rouge leaders".

At present, the government has already established the Choam/Chong Sa - Ngam border so tourists won't have difficulty to visit the place anymore. The border is also filled with merchants selling phones, money transfer agents, and also some local restaurants, where tourists can stop over.

Two of the best sites that you could visit in the place is located about 100 meters from the border. Though it doesn't look as enchanted as The Great Pyramid of Giza or as amazing as Eiffel Tower, these Anlong Veng's attractions showcase an amazing history, as described by the South China Morning Post.

One of these attractions is the tree-filled lot where Pol Pot's body was cremated. This place is where visitors and locals can offer a drink, incense, and fresh offerings to him, a custom usually followed by Buddhist as a sign of respect to their departed.

Another tourist attraction is the Sangam Resort and Casino. The place showcases amazing scenery with Japenese restaurant, on-site spa, and awesome landscaped gardens.

If you want to visit this historical landmark, there are also several guest house and restaurants available, where you can surely enjoy. Some even offer a fantastic view of northern Cambodia, which could be the cherry on top of your meaningful stay.