Driverless ‘Smart’ Cars Are Coming to Disrupt the Real Estate World

BMW and Mercedes-Benz are going to combine their research and tech to create driverless cars. This marked the closest that the tech has ever been in being used for everyday life, wrote GlobeSt. Matt Caywood, the CEO of TransitScreen, is convinced that the technology isn't only going to be used for normal, everyday driving but for commercial real estate as well.

TransitScreen has been working closely with the real estate industry, providing information about public and private transportation. It had also created 'shared' mobility which caters to different client buildings. It had been the way the automotive industry had been going to, as Forbes reported.

As with all things tech, driverless cars will eliminate the need for a driver to bring people to a direction. The 'transportation revolution' has affected different industries and real estate is only one of those industries. It is set to disrupt, especially in areas like New York and Los Angeles, where traffic congestion is a normal thing.

Fully autonomous cars aren't available yet, but ride-sharing companies are already placing orders for them. There is also a mapping to consider. With the current mapping technology being implemented, consumers will consider taking ride-sharing rather than buy or lease models from a dealership.

This will affect prime real estate in such a way that most structures like parking, dealerships, and gas stations can be re-made to create room for apartments. More professionals will also benefit as they find more living spaces that would be near their working areas. This will also increase more density in different cities, however.

Driverless transportation will also cover more independence, especially in markets like LA. Seniors will be able to get around more frequently because they will be ferried to and from their homes by these driverless cars if they prefer to buy personally. Internet of Things (IoT) will be covering this aspect of living as well.

It's not only people that driverless cars are seen to provide service to. There will also be driverless trucks and delivery vans, which ferry products and materials. With the elimination of drivers, construction workers will be able to focus on other projects. The removal of personnel will drive costs down.

There will always be concerns with each new technology. Currently, only a few models are outfitted with systems as thorough testing still needs to be done. However, the potential is too great to ignore.

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