Bleisure is a combination of business travel and leisure travel, which is a big trend today.
Bleisure is a combination of business travel and leisure travel, which is a big trend today. (Photo: Grand Hyatt Macau/Flickr)

Bleisure is a combination of business travel and leisure travel, which is a big trend today. Business travelers are on the rise, and there are cities around Asia that offer the best bleisure experience. So if you want to take advantage of your business trip and enjoy it to the fullest, here are the places you should visit.

Tokyo ranks as the number one city in Asia that offers the ultimate bleisure experience for travelers, according to The 2019 bleisure barometer made by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). Singapore comes on the second spot, while Sydney and Hong Kong come on third. Shanghai and Beijing are also making their way to be one of the best towns business travelers can visit.

In a report released this month, via the South China Morning Post, 1,500 business travelers from around the world chose Tokyo as the best city to visit for bleisure. The poll was based on their answers about the town with the easiest transport and availability of goods and services, among others.

Tokyo got the top scores in three categories: "quality of international links, availability of consumer goods and services, and opportunity for cultural experiences." Hong Kong is also a five-star city when it comes to bleisure travel, and digital connectivity plays as its number one strength.

The number of business travelers, including the millennial and Gen Z workforce, grows each year. So, they are taking advantage of the possibility to turn their trips as leisure.

Bleisure Travel Trends revealed over 60 percent of business trips get extended for leisure purposes. About 30 percent of these travelers spend the same amount of money or even more on a bleisure trip as they would on vacation.

Compared to vacation trips, travelers can go on a bleisure trip anytime and anywhere. It is a trend happening around the world and now usually seen. Business trippers go every two to three months and stay two to three nights.

Of course, a lot of countries see it as an opportunity to earn. So to capitalize on this new trend, many cities work to be the best bleisure destination to accommodate business travelers and give them the best offerings and experience.

According to Mumbrella Asia, marketers can fill off-peak travel seasons with "special rates and extra incentives" to entice bleisure travelers. They also consider "promoting free" or give discounts on rooms, conferences, and conventions to encourage the trippers to extend their stay for leisure.

From the looks of it, the bleisure trend will continue and may even grow in the coming years. So, there are a lot of cities and even marketers that can benefit from it. As it works both ways, it will surely be the new way of traveling.