‘Apex Legends’ To Have 10 New Legends, Datamining Reveals

Apex of Generic Art Style evident in Apex Legends battle royale multiplayer game: a conceptual art remix
Apex of Generic Art Style evident in Apex Legends battle royale multiplayer game: a conceptual art remix
(Photo: Robert What/Flickr)

"Apex Legends" players have datamined the game and discovered ten new legends hidden in the game's files. While this doesn't necessarily mean players will have ten additional legends to choose from, it does excite the whole Apex community. Read on for more details.

Following an accidental reveal on Origin, players datamined Apex Legends and discovered ten new legends that will increase the current character count to more than twice its size, Destructoid noted.

A Twitter user who goes by the name "whipped mccree" tweeted a mock-up roster featuring these ten new legends, complete with their alleged names. These legends include the previously leaked characters Octane and Wattson.

Another Twitter user, Shrugtal, emphasized that one of the legends discovered, Talchum, has been featured in the game's concept art. The self-addressed "developer by day" who breaks down and writes patchnotes for Dota on Reddit adds that Talchum has an in-game icon as well, along with two characters named Rampart and Rose.

They started it

The datamining incident happened shortly after Respawn made a mistake and accidentally set the Apex Legends' Battle Pass live, updating the game's Origin landing page. For a short while, the page displayed an image of Octane along with some announcements regarding new game details.

The landing page, which has since been fixed but not without leaving netizens a chance to get a screenshot, showed how Octane looks like he was pulled out of a "Borderlands" game. The page also revealed that there will be new weapons and unique loot. Furthermore, the Season 1 Battle Pass will be available to players for 950 Apex Coins.

Official announcements

Responding to the recent happenings via Reddit, Respawn admitted that they made an "unintentional update about Season 1" on Origin. They also made a few clarifications about the Battle Pass and the recent leaks.

First, Respawn said the Battle Pass won't be coming out today. They only said they will be providing more details about Season 1, the Battle Pass, and the upcoming legend "very soon." Of course, with them accidentally putting the cat out of the bag, Respawn can't do anything but make announcements real soon.

Second, Respawn said every leak spreading around the internet should be treated as rumors and not as truth. Some of the datamined files are old and have been cut, and some of it are still being tested or being built up for the game. As such, the existence of these files do not necessarily mean they will come out into the game.

Respawn said it right. These details are rumors until they're proven true, and readers are advised to take them all with a grain of salt.

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