'Dark' Season 2 Netflix Release Date Revealed

Dark on Netflix
The German supernatural drama "Dark" on Netflix will return for a second season. (Photo: Facebook/DARKNetflix)

The wait for Dark season 2's release on Netflix is getting shorter. The supernatural drama series, which comes from Germany, is actually in the middle of completing its production.

But an unofficial post on Reddit indicated that the series could be back on Netflix by summer. A fan asked actor Oliver Masucci when Dark season 2 could be available, and he replied that it might be out on June 2019.

Masucci also said at that time that filming should be over soon. However, he refused to confirm if his character dies in Dark season 2. Incidentally, he's the only actor to appear in all 10 episodes of the first season.

The star plays police officer Ulrich Nielsen in the series, whose son Mikkel (played by Daan Lennard Liebrenz) has disappeared. It became Ulrich's obsession with finding his boy so much that he becomes reckless and dangerous with his decisions.

Meanwhile, a few weeks after the fan encounter with Masucci, co-creator Baran bo Odar posted on Instagram that principal photography has wrapped up for Dark season 2. Bo Odar said that they started production in November and filmed for a total of 92 days.

With Dark season 2 now in post-production or editing, the target release date of June 2019 seems feasible. In due time, viewers and fans of the German series should be able to see the first teaser from Netflix.

However, some fans believe that Dark season 2 could follow the same release date as the first season, which debuted in November 2018 on the streaming platform. The date coincided with the actual timeline in the show's storyline.

Dark takes place in a fictional German town of Winden where four families experienced a common tragedy. Together, they try to figure out the mysteries as to why their children disappeared.

The show shifts to different timelines and the final scenes featured Jonas (played by Louis Hofmann) waking up to a different Winden. There, he comes across a girl who welcomes him to the future, which is 2052.

Writer Jantje Friese told Indiewire that they have a clear map of where the show is headed from the very beginning. Dark season 2 will not just be going back to the timelines of the characters' older versions as there will also be new characters coming in. The writer also cautioned some familiar faces might die.

"[We are] introducing new ones, while maybe killing some other ones," Friese said. "We actually have a lot of ideas where to take it."

Dark season 1 is still streaming on Netflix. Viewers have plenty of time to catch up until the premiere of the second season.

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