'GTA 6' Will Return To Vice City, Report Says

GTA 5 @4K
GTA 5 @4K (Photo: K2NK/Flickr)

A new report states that the hotly anticipated Rockstar Games title "Grand Theft Auto 6" will be set in a location that's very familiar to the franchise's fans. Read on for more details.

For a long while now, players have been speculating a lot about GTA 6. These speculations revolve around pretty much anything about the game: the main character, the storyline, how it plays, and of course, where the game will be set. If a report from the Miami Morning Star is correct, then GTA 6 will be set in Vice City again.

Previously, Rockstar released an earlier title, "GTA: Vice City." This title was well received by players. In fact, it's one of the more popular entries in the franchise. In it, players take control of a male protagonist named Tommy Vercetti after he goes out of prison. It is set on Rockstar's version of Miami.

With GTA: Vice City being a popular title among many fans, it does seem logical for Rockstar to feature Vice City in GTA 6. When today's technology is considered, however, Vice City seems small. GTA 6 needs a bigger map than that.

Hiring for upcoming projects

Previous reports said Rockstar is hiring developers who can "create next-generation worlds for some exciting upcoming projects." Although that project remains unnamed at the moment, it's a fact that Rockstar has already released "Red Dead Redemption 2" and has no need for new developers to design new maps for the game.

This leaves us with the idea that Rockstar is likely working on the new GTA title, and is working on creating new maps that players would love to explore.

A huge setting

Now how does that translate to GTA 6 and its map? Simple. Rockstar's upcoming project, obviously not another RDR sequel at the moment, will feature "next-gen worlds." This next-gen world is likely bigger than what they have created so far and is thus fitting for a huge title that fans will be thrilled to see and eventually own.

This huge title is believed to be GTA 6, and this next-gen world is believed to be bigger than Vice City or any other map in the GTA franchise.

While the map's details remain unclear at the moment, one thing is for sure: the next GTA game will be set in America. This comes from the very mouth of GTA co-writer Dan Houser who, in an interview years ago, said: "GTA is America."

Houser could've simply meant that if ever a new GTA title gets released, it will be set somewhere in America. It's also possible that the new GTA title will span all of America. Technology allows it, and Rockstar's creative team can do it.

All that's needed now is for Rockstar to confirm everything being speculated until now.

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