Tourists who want to feel a perfect day in Taiwan need to hike the Wuliaojian Mountain in Sanxia District.
Tourists who want to feel a perfect day in Taiwan need to hike the Wuliaojian Mountain in Sanxia District. (Photo: Jennifer Turek/Flickr)

Tourists who want to feel a perfect day in Taiwan need to hike the Wuliaojian Mountain in Sanxia District for a complete experience. Getting onto the peak is said to be the country's "best day hike" with its wonderful view and adventurous encounter. So if you want to make your stay in Taipei a little bold and feel its nature, try going on a trek on this popular place.

Going to the Wuliaojian Mountain is full of fixed ropes that hikers can use to pull themselves up on the 645-meter summit. It has five jutting plumes to help climbers reach the top in the easiest way possible.

According to the South China Morning Post, it will take five to six hours for a hiker to climb Wuliaojian Mountain. There will be several "rope-assisted" ascents and descents, which some go as severe as 90-degrees. Local bloggers even rated hiking in this area with the "highest degree of difficulty" for a Taipei hike.

However, casual hikers can still easily trek Wuliaojian Mountain, but they have to reach a certain level of fitness. They also have to brave the heights. They should also be warned that there are tree roots and small holes hiding in the "dusty brownstone." They should also calculate their moves and steps and even calibrate their limbs.

On the way up, hikers will be welcomed by a narrow precipice of smooth stone. There will be a line of other climbers who are waiting for their turn to cross the first plume. Some people stand, wait, crouch, and sit as they hold the rope to walk the bony incline. It has a precipitous cliff on both sides, so they should be very careful as one wrong move can lead to serious injury or even death.

So instead of focusing on your fear and looking at this area, you should appreciate Wuliaojian Mountain's scenic view. It has 360-degree of tree-covered mountains that rise above the valley. You can't even see the grey and brownstone with its greeneries.

From here, you can continue your way to the main ridge. You may reach the junction after three hours of hiking, and there you will see a sign, saying the top is just 170 vertical meters (560 feet) away. You will also catch the sight of a huge banyan tree across the signpost.

You will complete your Wuliaojian Mountain hike when you reach the downward path that leads to a narrow mountain road. It is one of the Central Mountain Range's "lonely rural routes" that directs back to the main highway, where you can see small bamboo farms and traditional Hakka homes.

With Wuliaojian Mountain's growing popularity, Taiwan Off the Beaten Track reported there were certain amounts of developments in the area. However, the authorities managed not to make it an "over-safe" hiking place.

The installation of ropes and handrails, which were not there before, was said to be the most "precarious part." But, it made the rock called Phoenix Plume now safer than ever. Its dangerous ropes called the Spider's Web, on the other hand, was also removed for a much safer route. Although the government made sure Wuliaojian Mountain is a safe place, it is still a thrilling, challenging, but an adventurous climb that would give you the "best day hike" experience.