China Now Starting Construction Of High-Tech Beijing-Zhangjiakou Automatic Railway

China Railway
Mock-up of dedicated train for Beijing–Zhangjiakou intercity railway (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The construction of the infrastructure necessary for China's newest high-speed automatic bullet train is now reportedly underway. The electrical facilities for the high-speed railway, which stretches from Beijing to Zhangjiakou, is currently in the process of being set up. According to the China Railway Corporation, they will also be installing some new smart components to the line, which will ensure reliable performance and safety.

The high-speed railway will be the world's first automatically driven bullet train. The driver-less rain will also be one of the fastest trains in the country, with maximum speeds of up to 350 kilometers per hour. Construction of the over 1,300 meters of overhead wiring to power the new trains has reportedly already begun. The project itself was partly conceptualized to prepare the country for the upcoming 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Millions of people will hopefully be able to go to and from different venues during the event using the new high-speed railway.

The China Railway Corporation also boasted during a press conference that the new trail will be one of the most intelligent railway systems in the world. Trains running on the new tracks will reportedly be using Beidou's Navigation Satellite System to track its location and destination in real time. The company has apparently been testing the new system on a small section of the Beijing-Shenyang line last year. The systems reportedly passed all the safety tests with flying colors.

With the system in place, trains running on the railway will be able to operate without a lot of human intervention. Trains will apparently be able to automatically start and stop. They will also be able to automatically adjust their speed according to their set schedule of arrival and departure. All of these are achieved through thousands of sensors embedded in the train, which can also immediately report any problems to ensure safe operation.

According to the deputy chief engineer of China Railway Signal and Communication Corporation, Jiang Ming, these new trains will basically be running themselves around the clock without the need for a lot of input from operators. Additionally, the train operators are planning to add intelligent robots on the train stations, which will be able to guide passengers to their carriages.

Installation of the new tracks for the railway is expected to be done by the middle of the year. All of the systems will then undergo rigorous testing before it will be launched. A new 174-kilometer line is expected to be operational by the end of the year, which will cut the travel time from Beijing to Zhangjiakou by 50 minutes.

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