Moon Chae Won Instagram Reportedly Hacked After Seen 'Liking' Jung Joon Young's Posts

Moon Chae Won
Namoo Actors cleared the issue, saying Moon Chae Won's Instagram account has been hacked. (Photo: Facebook/Moon Chae Won International)

Moon Chae Won's Instagram account was reportedly hacked after being seen "liking" many of Jung Joon Young's posts amid his controversial hidden camera issues. The agency of the actress vowed to take legal action against false rumors linking their artist to the 30-year-old K-pop star.

On March 13, many noticed Moon Chae Won "liked" the Instagram posts of Jung Joon Young. A lot of people were baffled as to why this happened since the singer-songwriter was currently being investigated regarding hidden camera controversies, as reported by Allkpop.

The actress' agency, Namoo Actors, cleared this issue and said their artist's account had been hacked. Moon Chae Won also confirmed she did not do it herself and she has immediately taken action and changed her password. The agency also vowed to take legal action and formally request the Cyber Investigation Department to investigate illegal acts. Such an incident has violated the privacy and made instability for their artist, it added.

Namoo Actors also noted they would take a strong stand against those who are spreading malicious rumors on social networking sites and instant messaging apps involving Moon Chae Won. While it's indeed true the actress was acquainted with Jung Joon Young as a co-worker in the entertainment industry, the agency said the rumors are "groundless," and they're "very angry" at the absurdity.

Thus, they will create and place civil and criminal responsibility against those who defame their artist and will take strong measure to those who published and reproduce false information hidden in anonymity. The agency vowed it would continue to actively respond to damages to the reputation and character of their artists.

Meanwhile, controversies sparked after illegally hidden camera footage of women surfaced, which were reportedly shared by Jung Joon Young and others in a group chatroom. There have been rumors that female celebrities might have been victims of such illicit actions. On Wednesday, the singer admits he was secretly filming women he has slept with, confessing all of his "sins" and announced his retirement.

Aside from Jung Joon Young, BIGBANG member Seungri was also involved in the controversial, as he was allegedly a member of the group chatroom as well. On Monday, he announced his retirement from the entertainment industry following allegations made against him, such as providing escorts for foreign investors and VIP clients.

Also, YG Entertainment also confirmed it had terminated the singer's exclusive contract amid the ongoing controversy. Both Jung Joon Young and Seungri were reportedly under police investigation and barred from leaving the country.

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