'Chicago Fire' Season 7 Episode 17 Release Date, Spoilers: 'Move A Wall' Features The Tension Between Casey And Herrmann

Chicago Fire Season 7 Episode 17
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The famous firefighters in television history are returning soon. And after a month of the show's hiatus, Chicago Fire Season 7 Episode 17 will be back on March 27 with a promising plot, as per sources.

In the previous episode titled Fault In Him, fans saw how Casey's life was put into danger as a gunman tried to ambush him. And while he restores his strength and perspective in life, thanks to Brett's help, the captain of Truck 81 will face a new challenge again. And this time, it's with one of the firefighters.

The official synopsis of the upcoming episode of Chicago Fire Season 7 reveals that the firefighter who will be against Casey is Herrmann. And this will happen after the team responds to an apartment complex fire. While fans do not find firefighters fighting with each other a pleasant tone, these events can be compelling at times, according to Cartermatt.

The exact details of what they are fighting about are not yet revealed even on a few teasers. But, certainly, it has something to do with their position and the procedures of responding to the supposed fire in the upcoming episode.

But aside from the rising tension between Casey and Herrmann, Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide will work together in the Move A Wall episode. As it happens, they will discover something peculiar about the recent fire call, and they will be tasked to work on it along with the CPD to render an investigation.

For some fans, this #StellaRide investigation may not be enough or may not be as grandiose as the other moments that they had. (Kind Of A Crazy Idea episode, anyone?) But still, this is another moment for the two that every StellaRide fans will want to cover.

As for Brett, this episode will show the aftermath of her sudden break-up last episode. So, there is a good chance that the upcoming installment of Chicago Fire will force her to either stand up from her downfall or lead her to an unpleasant situation. But either way, this will certainly be a turning point for Brett's character.

The new episode will also feature one's home life. This is quite interesting as the previous episodes do not show how the characters are operating in their personal lives at home. But it is not yet revealed which character this will be. Even so, there is a huge possibility that this will be Casey and Cindy.

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