‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Season 5 Episode 17 Air Date, Spoilers: 'Reckoning' Brings Pride Back To The Team

NCIS: New Orleans
"NCIS: New Orleans" season 5 episode 21 will air on Tuesday, April 23, on the CBS Television Network. (Photo: NCIS: New Orleans/Facebook)

The fifth season of NCIS: New Orleans has become a very unpredictable series to follow. And much more when Pride has been revealed to return in the upcoming episode.

In the previous installment, fans and viewers of the show saw how Hannah and the team were able to eliminate the apparent threat that has been lurking around her and her family. But while her so-called nemesis, Viktor Zelko, is already out of the picture, her current issues with her family is another thing that she needs to address.

This is quite apparent as her ties with her daughter and her husband are not pleasant. Her shortcomings have become more self-evident in recent episodes. And because of this, she would need time to mend and fix her personal life.

With Hannah spending more time away from her team to focus on personal matters, NCIS: New Orleans will need to reshuffle their assignments and posts to cover for Hannah's absence.

Essentially, the fifth season of the series has shown every fan that Pride's previous promotion did not suit him well. Everyone knows that Pride is much more fitting in the field than in an office supervising or overseeing his peers. And fortunately for him in this episode, he'll be back in the field on Hannah's behalf.

In the official synopsis released for the upcoming episode of NCIS: New Orleans, it stated that Pride would investigate and handle a case that involves a missing petty officer. But aside from this, there's not much revelation or hint given about the new case.

Even so, it is known that Pride has been suffering and going through a lot since his father died in his arms. Not to mention that he was recovering as well from his gunshot wounds. But whether he's all good now or not, there is no definite answer yet, according to Cartermatt.

This aspect of Pride's character will probably be explored further in the upcoming episode of NCIS: New Orleans. Besides, his mental health and overall capacity certainly changed after the series of unfortunate events that had happened to him. So, Reckoning will be an interesting episode to watch on March 26 on CBS.

Now, Pride's comeback to the team entails no further explanation. It is not revealed as well whether he'll be staying for good or not. Nevertheless, fans believe that this a great progress to the plot of the fifth season.

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