'STAR' Season 3 Episode 12 Air Date, Spoilers: 'Toxic' Might Still Leave Star In Prison

STAR Season 3
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STAR season 3 episode 12 is titled Toxic. But whether who or what is toxic in the upcoming episode, no one knows yet until Fox drops the eleventh and twelfth installments on March 20 and March 27, respectively.

The tenth episode of the series is titled When Stars Fall. And this is focused on Star's downfall as she was sent to prison. As for Alex, her singing career has become more fruitful which made everyone think about their respective careers.

In the following episode of STAR titled Watch The Throne, the guides and synopsis revealed that Star is still juggling her situation with the authorities in this episode. Meanwhile, Alex and Gigi are reported to have a face-off to see who will make it to the top of the label. There were also reports about Noah and his new perspective. He is believed to set new priorities come the eleventh episode.

However, things will be a little out of hand when the twelfth episode drops on Fox. It has been discovered that Noah will try to fight his old habits and vices. So, there's a huge possibility that he'll face his old ways when he tries to change the sound of his priorities.

But aside from Noah's battle, a singing battle between Alex and Gigi will also take place as the ASA nomination is fast approaching. Although this is not something new within the STAR plot, this is something that avid fans and viewers would want to see. Besides, this is ASA nomination that we are talking about. So, there is a huge chance that things between them will be much more serious than before.

As for Star being imprisoned, the distance between her and Davis will further manifest. And aside from her battle with the law and authority, she will also battle with her struggles of being away from him. Even so, it has also been revealed that the Toxic episode will lead Simone, Cotton, and Miss Bruce to a surprising discovery that may help Star.

While the discovery is pretty much given away in the synopsis, there are no further revelations as to whether Star will be out of jail or not by the end of the upcoming episode of STAR. As a matter of fact, many believe that Star will still stay in prison up to the end of the season, in reference to Cartermatt's statements.

This is also a fitting reason why the episode is entitled as Toxic, and it's all probably because everything that is currently happening is quite toxic for everyone in the plot. And of course, until proven otherwise, this is the best that all and any fans could get as of the moment.

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