'The Simpsons': Top 4 Predictions From The Show That Could Become A Reality

The Simpsons: Top 4 Predictions From The Show That Could Become A Reality
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The Simpsons is without a doubt the longest-running animated comedy series. There are good reasons why it remains to hold its title.

Over the years, the show has managed to portray a reflection of everyday American life is. And while it does not veer away from this premise, it does not lack the wit to reference some of today's social issues.

The Simpsons became more famous when it accurately saw the future in a variety of instances. From Donald Trump becoming the president of America to Lady Gaga performing in the Super Bowl to Disney's infamous takeover of fox, and so much more.

Of course, the series is far from over, and the fun is just getting started. Below are some interesting predictions the show could make it true once again.

Virtual Food

A futuristic episode of The Simpsons sees both Marge and Homer appear in 2030 eating what seems to be a virtual food. What is interesting is that the two characters are munching it through virtual reality glasses and a feeding tube.

Hover Cars

Bart and Lisa earn the opportunity to see what the future holds thanks to Professor Frank's time machine. In an episode from 2005, the show jumps to 2013 where Marge leaves Homer as he continues to spend the money they have been trying to save on a hover vehicle prototype.

Believe it or not, Renault was successful in developing a car that looks exactly like the one from The Simpsons. It is called "Float." The electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla, on the other hand, is reportedly using the same technology in an attempt to come up with a train design.

Big Ben Turns Digital

The Simpsons aired an episode back in 1995 when a fortune teller tells Lisa she will be marrying a British man. The scene then leaps forward to the future in London where she finds her husband. The scene shows the titular Big Ben but with as a digital clock.

Mass Automation

The show is known for predicting stuff that has something to do with technology. And yes, it also predicts the possibility of mass automation in one of its episodes from 2012, TheTopTens reports. During the episode, Mr. Burns can be seen creating a workforce of robots ready to replace his incompetent human employees. Homer is seen to be the only person left in the entire power plant.

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