'Legacies' Season 1 Episode 15 Spoilers: Hope Runs To Lizzie For Help

"Legacies" creator teases some character from "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals" might appear at some point in the second season. (Photo: Facebook/CWLegacies)

There are only two more episodes left to Legacies season 1 and the episode airing Thursday, March 21, will have Hope (played by Danielle Rose Russell) reaching out to an unlikely person. Lizzie (played by Jenny Boyd) will be a sympathetic ear to the show's lead character but what will this mean for their relationship moving forward? 

According to the synopsis for Legacies season 1 episode 15, Hope and Landon (played by Aria Shahghasemi) will hit a rough patch. So, she will seek Lizzie's help in order to correct what went wrong. 

It seems like the show would like to establish a new direction in these girls' relationship. However, Russell had a different take on this, especially when there's also Josie (played by Kaylee Bryant), Lizzie's twin, to factor into the equation. 

"The twins are in a static state at the moment. You will see that develop more in the two next episodes," Russel told Entertainment TonightShe also said that if it were up to her, then she would definitely want to see the friendship among all three girls develop deeper considering the family history behind them. 

But with only two installments left to the first season, fans might have to wait for this storyline to mature. For now, the focus is on Hope's evolution and journey from being a social outcast to having social relationships. 

Russell also hinted that her character's most significant relationship, for now, is with Landon, who has just learned a new thing about his identity. She has ideas about where this will go in the second season after her discussions with series creator Julie Plec. 

The CW has renewed Legacies for season 2 last January, as per Variety. The supernatural drama is expected to come back in the fall of 2019 but the network has not yet confirmed its premiere schedule. 

Meanwhile, Legacies season 1 episode 14 gave viewers such a nostalgic moment when Hope emerged wearing the gown that her father, Klaus, gave to his true love Caroline in the original series, The Vampire Diaries. Hope broke down in tears when she found out about the real story behind the dress, which Lizzie handed to her. 

Russell said that wearing the dress from her father made Hope longed for her dad. This is why she was sobbing uncontrollably after winning Miss Mystic Falls in Legacies season 1 episode 14. 

On a personal note, Russel told Entertainment Weekly it was surreal to be wearing that blue dress. She used to watch The Vampire Diaries when she was younger and now she gets to experience parts of the show on Legacies.

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