Jennifer Aniston's Alleged Tell-All Interview Focused On Her Failed Marriages Is Definitely Not Happening

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston (Photo: Google)

Since the fiasco of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's divorce started it all, rumors kept pouring in, often malicious and most of the time baseless and ridiculous. But they or their reps denied these gossips, the news kept coming and sometimes, sources are just recycling old stuff just to make a headline. Now there is nothing more exciting than Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie perhaps would just spill the beans, and have the tell-all their fans and followers are just too hungry for, because basically, they are public figures and their life is expected to be an open book.

But in reality, actors and actresses are still among these individuals who are entitled to privacy, and thus they have the right to keep something or almost everything for themselves. With the recent source claiming that Jennifer Aniston would finally have an interview wherein she will answer all questions with no holds barred, it comes back to a previous rumor of Brad Pitt writing a tell-all book about his marriages in 2017. As much as their fans would like that to happen, Pitt never wrote a book and most especially wrote something about Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, even to all his previous girlfriends, which is courteous and sensitive of him.

These rumors have already been debunked once again and for over and over by Jennifer Aniston's spokesperson and called it to be "completely false." The Friends star will never have a tell-all TV interview, and however she has already explained some reasons on the outcome of her previous marriages, she has no intention to divulge further details. In terms of the rumors, the actress allegedly wants to talk about her past relationships, including her split with Pitt because of Angelina Jolie. The source also claimed that since Aniston has turned to 50, she has come to reflect on what happened to her life.

The rumored interview will tackle all her secrets, and most especially will touch the cheating and lies, adding to it her revelation on how she wanted to start a family with Brad Pitt before Angelina Jolie came into his life. While her alleged stories of her first husband would be traumatizing, for Justin Theroux, Aniston will be telling all that was not done and could have done on her relationship. Seemingly, the interview would be a starting point for her to face new challenges. However, the outcome will be quite vague in a sense that this interview will welcome more rumors and confusion and thus create a circus intertwined with a lot of personalities which will destroy her already quiet life.

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