Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Divorce Rumors: Couple Allegedly Broke Up Over Jealousy And Third Party

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are reportedly having a divorce due to "control and jealousy issues," according to several tabloids. While the two have remained silent over the years, the rumors between them, on the other hand, never left.

In one of the contentions published by In Touch, it stated that the couple is having a marriage problem because of Nicole Kidman's jealousy. The reports even stated that their sources have enough evidence over these issues for the past year.

According to these sources, the actress is madly jealous of Julia Michaels because Keith has been spending a lot of time with her during their tour. It even revealed that Julia Michaels is giving the country singer a lot of flirty advances.

The outlet also added that the two went to a marriage retreat in Vermont for counseling and fixing their relationship. But, it did not end well which resulted in the decision of having a divorce.

There were also rumors about the couple's apparent fight over where they should live. And as per the sources' claims, they revealed that Nicole Kidman wanted to spend the rest of their days in Australia. But, Keith Urban sees the other way around. The unnamed sources alleged that the country singer wanted to stay in Nashville which ignited the fight between the couple.

Now, these rumors about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were finally debunked by Gossip Cop. The publication revealed that they were able to talk to one of Nicole Kidman's representatives. And all of these rumors are just well-fabricated stories, according to the insider.

As for Julia Michaels, the reported "flirty advances" are rumors as well. The singer was only tapped once during the Australian leg part of Keith Urban's tour which already ended several months ago. And Keith is now focused on his European tour. So, there is no way for the two to stay in contact.

Gossip Cop also shared that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman dismissed all of these divorce rumors by themselves. And fans can attest to this as the couple is very much vocal about their love and affection for each other across social media platforms.

During their twelfth anniversary, Keith Urban posted a photo on Instagram telling the whole world how he loves his wife "so much." And a few months after, Nicole Kidman shared a photo as well on Valentine's day that shows her happiness of being loved in return by her husband.

So, these divorce rumors are nothing but plain rumors. And aside from Gossip Cop's exposure of the truth, the couple themselves have truly dismissed the rumors just by showing their affection socially.

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