‘Battlefield V’ Update: EA Releases Trailer Showing The ‘Firestorm’ Battle Royale Mode

Battlefield V
(Photo: EA/Battlefield V official website)

"Battlefield V" developer DICE has released a reveal trailer for the highly anticipated Battlefield Battle Royale mode, "Firestorm."

The reveal trailer showed just how intense every Firestorm round could be, beginning from the moment players set their feet on the ground until that moment where only two opposing players remain on the battlefield. The Verge says this is the first time the Battlefield series adds a battle royale mode, and it is pretty exciting.

As seen in the trailer, players will drop from the sky and onto the ground below, just like other Battle Royale titles. On their way down, they will see a huge ring of fire surrounding the map. Electronic Arts says this ring of fire will keep shrinking, forcing players to stop camping and start shooting until they either win or lose.

The map is the biggest of all Battlefield maps to date. It is set in a World War II environment, and features structures, vehicles, and other details that exist during that era. Once players set their foot on the ground, they have to find gear as fast as they can -- or else they fall prey to other players who get equipped with weapons faster.

Just like any Battlefield map, players can alter the surroundings by destroying them. Barns and other structures that are commonly used for hiding can be destroyed, preventing enemies from acquiring that sniper's vantage point. Huge rocks and trees can also be used as cover against the barrage of bullets from an enemy squad.

A total of 64 players, divided into 16 groups of four members each, will be engaging each other in every round. They have all sorts of items at their disposal -- weapons, ammunition, health, and even vehicles. The trailer showed a few interesting vehicles that players can actually drive and have fun with.

There's a WWII take on a helicopter, or simply a VTOL aircraft. Players riding this aircraft can move quickly. However, they're very visible and are exposed, making them vulnerable to bullets.

There's also a selection of powerful vehicles like a Panzer tank. One can simply expect the level of difficulty acquiring this tank. After all, the amount of players wanting to get this beast of a vehicle is high. Might as well try shooting enemies before they get to it.

Last and most interesting of all, there's a tractor that players can drive. Netizens commenting on the Battlefield official YouTube page just can't stop be express their happiness over this. What's more, as seen in the video, the tractor can be used to pull a cannon, and carry all four squad members at one time.

EA will release Firestorm as an update downloadable via the Origin App or through the Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. It will be available starting March 25th.

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