Chinese Private School Serving Rotten Food Sparks Public Outrage

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Students in the classroom during a break inside a Chinese high school (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Hundreds of disgruntled parents had stormed the campus of a prestigious school in China after it was made public that it was serving rotten food items to children. Videos and photos of rotting meat, moldy bread, and other rotten items from the school's cafeteria became viral, resulting in a public outrage that has spread across the country.

The scandal initially became public when a group of parents was invited over for a tree planting event inside the expensive private high school in the capital city of China's Sichuan province. The parents were horrified when they stopped by the school's kitchen as they saw what was being served to their children. According to reports, the parents saw rotten seafood items, meats, vegetables, and bread being improperly stored inside the kitchen.

Some parents who had sought help from the media to expose the school's improper practices revealed that several children from the school had previously suffered from different stomach ailments. Parents who had chosen to enroll their children in the school in Chengdu had expected the institution to feed their children quality food items given their expensive yearly enrollment fees. The school, which was previously included in China's top 10 most outstanding private schools, was charging parents US$5,800 a year; a fee that is exponentially much more expensive than the cost of public schools in the country.

Following the spread of the pictures and videos of the rotten food items, hundreds of parent immediately stormed the school's campus. School officials sought the help of the police to quell the angry mob. In the scuffle, 12 people were reportedly arrested, while dozens were injured.

The school has since then released a public apology but blamed their current supplier for the rotten food. According to school officials, they are already taking actions to hold the companies responsible for the delivery accountable and to have them be dealt with by the law.  According to a report from the BBC, the same supplier that catered to the private school also caters to 20 other schools across China.

The Wenjiang district government issued a statement claiming that they are already investigating the matter and have identified at least eight people responsible for food safety at the company's facility. Officials also revealed that they have taken various samples of the food items, which will be used for testing. The agency mentioned that it has already taken more than 36 students who recently ate the cafeteria to local hospitals to be checked up.

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