'Phoenix Point' Release Date, Plot, Other Details Of The Game

Phoenix Point
Now that we're nearing to the release of Phoenix Point, the plot and other details of the game have been revealed. (Photo: Facebook/Phoenix Point)

It's been three years since Julian Gollop teased Phoenix Point and many are excited about it since then. The game is considered to be the spiritual successor to 1994 space strategy game X-COM: UFO Defense. Now that we're nearing to its release, the plot and other details of the game have been revealed.

Phoenix Point is currently scheduled for a September 2019 release. The game was initially set for release last year, but it was moved until June 2019. However, the release date of the game has been delayed once again as developer Snapshot Games reportedly needed more time to test and polish the gameplay.

In Phoenix Point, players must interact with three human factions, and they need to decide which mission to take on. While on a mission, players can control a squad of soldiers in turn-based combat against mutated aliens. They need to focus on repelling these alien forces, save humanity, and find out what happened to the rest of the organization - called the Phoenix Project.

As for the game plot, humanity is on its last leg in 2047. The extra-terrestrial virus found in the melting permafrost ravaged the Earth, which turns humans and animals into mutated monstrosities. The majority of those unaffected by the virus have been captured or killed, and only a few survived.

The three human factions include the religious Disciples of Anu (who worship an alien god), Synedrion (who visions of making a new utopia from whatever remains of Earth), and the militaristic New Jericho. But aside from them, players can also find other independent groups around the world.

Phoenix Point will have multiple endings, based on what factions players ally with. The story also depends on how players treat each group - so they can either help them, spy them, rob them blind, or trade with them. Throughout the game, players will learn more about them, as well as the virus that destroyed the earth. But if you want to be alone, you can also ignore the factions and can continue with the game on your own. The game also features the so-called "Free Aim" which is targeting different parts of the body - just like V.A.T.S in Fallout.

Meanwhile, X-Com creator Gollop announced that Phoenix Point would be exclusive to the Epic Games Store during the first year of its release. He said the deal is meant for updating and expanding the game for the years to come.

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